The Billboard Method

The Fastest Way To Get Your First Freelance Clients

Before I show you how this works, you need to know about Molly.

Molly is a young lady from the UK I met through a mutual friend last year when I was spending a couple of weeks in Chiang Mai in Thailand.

We went out for a group dinner – photographed above – and Molly was a friend of a friend who came along and we ended up sitting next to each other. (She’s third from the right in the photo, and I’m on the far right there with the big mad head on me.)

During that dinner Molly told me that just a year earlier she was stranded in rural India with no online business and only £17 left in her bank account.

And then she used the Billboard Method.

A few days later she had over £1000 in her bank account.

When I met her in Thailand, only twelve months later, she was still going strong. She had become fully location independent, thanks to her thriving online business.

So what is this Billboard Method that Molly used to break through and earn £1000 in less than a week?

Well, I call it the Billboard Method because the basic idea is that you put up a nice billboard advertising your availability for online freelance work, and you display it in a public place where lots of people are likely to see it.

Now clearly putting up a traditional billboard…

Like this

…clearly that is not realistic. 1

What we’re talking about here is the online equivalent of a traditional billboard.

Which is, as you can probably guess: social media.

Places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, with all their traffic, are the online equivalent of busy streets and highways.

And your posts on there are like billboards.

And that’s what Molly used to find her first clients and earn more than £1000 online in less than a week… it was all down to a single post on social media.

In her case, it was Facebook, and she kindly shared with me a screenshot of that post:

Find Freelance Clients: Molly Facebook post

Now I don’t recommend you copy that word for word, but here a few things from it that are worth emulating:

  • Molly included a nice photo of herself, making it much more personable and attention-grabbing.
  • The post was friendly and informal. Even though she only had £17 left in her bank account, she didn’t come across desperate or looking for a favor. Instead she came across as a friendly freelancer offering her services to folks on Facebook.
  • The post was short and sweet. She stated what service she had to offer, noted that her prices were competitive, and told anyone interested to get in touch.

That’s it.

So the first thing you’re going to do as part of our step-by-step plan to find your first clients is post something similar to Molly on whichever social network you’re most active on.

Post it up there, then wait and see who expresses interest in working with you.

That is the Billboard Method and it’s something you can do in 20 minutes or less, including the time required to take a nice friendly photo of yourself.

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