The Cheap Flight Checklist

The Simple, Step-By-Step Process
For Finding Cheap Flights Online… FAST!

Question For You:

What’s the worst part about booking flights online?

The Answer…

Enduring endless frustration and wasting hours of your time hunting through dozens of different flight search websites, trying to find the best deal.

There are so many ways to search for and book flights online nowadays that trying to find the best deal is like looking for a needle in a haystack… from 40,000 feet.

Even when you find a flight that fits the bill, you’re never sure if that price is as good as it gets.

Flight Finding Frustration

The Cheap Flight Checklist helps you find cheap flights FAST!

Say goodbye to hours of wasted effort and hello to the best flight deals online.

  • Learn how to find the cheapest flights online and save yourself hundreds of dollars.
  • Avoid wasting countless, frustrating hours on flight search engines.
  • Follow a simple and proven step-by-step process. So easy your gran could do it!
Flight Finding Delight!
Cheap Flight Checklist

“Using the Cheap Flight Checklist resulted in a round trip flight to Hawaii several hundred dollars cheaper than anything I had found.”

Kevin Ford

Save Yourself Hundreds Of $$$ And Hours Of Frustration

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Case Study

Our friend Jennifer needed to book round-trip flights from Amsterdam to Detroit over the holiday season. The cheapest flights she found – using a typical approach – cost more than $1300.

But via the Cheap Flight Checklist we were quickly able to find her round-trip flights for less than $550, saving her almost $800.

Amsterdam to Detroit

And that was just for one trip.

If you fly often, the savings gained from using the Cheap Flight Checklist – both time and money – can quickly become colossal!

Cheap Flight Checklist

“Easy to follow and very helpful for finding cheap flights online. I wish I’d found this sooner!”

Natasha Moore

Save Yourself Hundreds Of $$$ And Hours Of Frustration

Only $7 | Immediate Download | 100% Secure

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the Cheap Flight Checklist?

It’s a 28-page PDF document containing:

  • A Groundwork section, detailing a few things you should do up-front to help you quickly find cheap flights in future.
  • The Checklist itself, covering 10 pages and telling you exactly how to apply each step.
  • A Tips & Tricks section, giving you more valuable insights into how to find cheap flights online.

Who created the Cheap Flight Checklist?

Two travel-savvy chaps named Niall Doherty and Perlin Earth.

Niall hails from Ireland and has visited more than 40 countries on four continents, including one continuous 44-month trip around the world without flying. He likes hummus and writes about travel and a bunch of other fascinating stuff at

Perlin comes from Australia and has visited 27 countries across 5 continents. He likes snowboarding, loves surfing and spends most of his time travelling the world and catching it on film. Follow his adventures at

Wait, one of the authors traveled around the world WITHOUT flying? What does he know about booking flights??

I know, right!

But it turns out he took 24 separate flights in the 19 months following his no-fly trip, so he’s more than made up for lost time 😉

How often is the guide updated?

As often as necessary.

The flight-finding process we detail in the Cheap Flight Checklist is always being tested, tweaked and improved. For example, when a new flight search engine hits the interwebs, we check it out and see if it’s worth including.

Everyone who buys the Cheap Flight Checklist is automatically added to our mailing list and receives the updates at no extra charge.

“Thanks to the Cheap Flight Checklist I found a flight under €100 and spent Christmas with my family. Best. Present. Ever!”

Anne Somsen

“Just picked this up and took it for a spin for about an hour. I haven’t bothered trying flights from North America to Europe, instead I thought I would raise the bar. So far I saw an opportunity to save $350 – 400 in fare from Chicago to Santiago Chile and as a side bonus I saw a RT from Chicago to Miami for $57. This is before I put any work into it.”

Darby O'Connor

“The flight I booked was £76 cheaper and we will now arrive in Melbourne at 9pm instead of 6am the following morning. A splendid return on my $7!”

Andrew Miles

“Used this method to find a direct flight from London to Mumbai for £260, when the best skyscanner could offer was indirect flights for over £320. Very happy!”

John H

Cheap Flight Checklist

“I used your method to find flights from London to Gibraltar for £32, Malaga to Paris for £55 and Paris to Sint Maarten for £295. Cheers mate!”

Paul Shepherd

Save Yourself Hundreds Of $$$ And Hours Of Frustration

Only $7 | Immediate Download | 100% Secure