by Niall Doherty

“Most people don’t fail by making overt mistakes. They fail because they don’t take action.” – Sam Carpenter, Work The System

Listen, you’ve been putting this thing off for way too long, with the excuse that you don’t feel ready.

Well guess what?

  1. You’ll probably never feel 100% ready.
  2. If you ever get to the point where you do feel 100% ready, it will probably be too late.

So get started yesterday. Or today, if yesterday doesn’t work for you.

Don’t feel like you’re expert enough to start freelancing? Doesn’t matter. Get started anyway. You’ll never know all there is to know. And that’s fine. You just need to know more than your clients and be willing to work hard and figure out the other stuff as you go.

Don’t feel like you’ve studied enough to start speaking that foreign language? Aw, my heart bleeds. Get out there and start talking anyway. It’s the fastest way to improve.

Don’t feel confident enough to give that speech or ask out that guy/girl of your dreams? Yeah, that fear will never go away of its own accord. You have to face it head on. Do the thing and then overcome the fear, not the other way around.

Don’t feel like you know enough about diet and fitness to start getting your ass in shape? Tempted to check one more message board or read one more book? Dude, stop fooling yourself. There’s no such thing as the perfect diet or the perfect workout plan. Seek improvement, not perfection. You can start today.

I’m not asking you to neglect planning or to take on a new project when you really don’t have time for it. But we both know there are projects — usually one project in particular — that you’ve been putting off simply because you’re scared. Fear: that’s the only thing stopping you. And you tell yourself it’s because you’re not ready, that’s why you’re stalling.

Try to recognize it for what it is. Next time you find yourself scared, take that as a sign you need to get started.

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

What are you starting? Let me know in the comments.


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