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Below is a list of products, services and other resources I highly recommend. Some are free, some cost money. I either use or have personally reviewed them all.

Note: there are some affiliate links on this page, meaning I get paid if you click through and buy certain things. This helps support my work and keeps this website free of advertisements. Thank you for that.

Online Business


ActiveCampaignI use ActiveCampaign to manage my mailing lists. The software allows me to do all this cool stuff:

  • Email thousands of people in one go, with personalized messaging (e.g. “Hey John!”)
  • Let people subscribe and unsubscribe themselves so I don’t have to worry about it.
  • Create “automations” so people can receive a series of emails from me automatically when they join one of my lists.
  • See how many people opened each message and which links were clicked.


DreamhostDreamhost is my favorite hosting provider. I’ve used them for years now and have had nothing but good experiences with them. They’re also regularly rated as the #1 hosting company by PC Mag.

Plans start at less than $10/month. For that price you can get unlimited domain hosting, meaning you can set up multiple websites without having to pay anything extra for hosting (just buy a new domain for each).

Secrets of a Six-Figure Upworker

Secrets of a Six-Figure Upworker
An excellent course by Danny Margulies showing freelancers how to win more work online. It is specifically tailored to help you win more freelance gigs on, but the lessons are applicable to any online marketplace.


I use Gumroad to process payments for my digital products and automate file delivery. They provide a slick, unobtrusive interface and their fees are quite low.

Check out the product page for my book The Cargo Ship Diaries and you’ll see Gumroad in action when you click one of the Buy Now buttons.

Kindle Station

Kindle StationI use Kindle Station to get my books formatted for Kindle. Hazel there provides an excellent service and designs book covers, too (such as the cover of my book, The Cargo Ship Diaries).

SEO The Smart Way

SEO – a beginners guide by Anton McCarthy from SEO The Smart Way. SEO and traffic generation can be a complicated topic, but this guide breaks it down well. The blog contains plenty of other posts and resources on a variety of topics including content marketing, Google AdWords, analytics, branding and marketing strategy.


Wandering Earl Tours

If you ever want to do a really amazing travel tour, give Wandering Earl’s tours a look.

Wandering Earl ToursWhen I was in Delhi a few years back I met up with Earl and he invited me to tag along for a day with one of his tour groups. We ended up on a rooftop having a three-course meal and listening to some cool live music played on weird string instruments.

I’d especially recommend these tours for anyone traveling alone, particularly in places like India and the Middle East.



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