Everything I Own

Above: Video of me packing all my stuff before leaving Chennai in October, 2012.

This is a complete list of my material possessions, as of March 19, 2014.

Note that there are some affiliate links in the list below (noted with a *), but only for products I use and highly recommend. I ask that you only buy items I recommend if you have a clear need for them. A percentage of the sale price will go towards supporting my writing.

Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

  1. Dockers boots (brown)
  2. Olk sneakers (white/grey)
  3. Riders flip flops (black/orange/blue)
  4. Riders flip flops (black/orange/blue)
  5. Guess jacket (black/grey)
  6. Levi jeans (light blue)
  7. Diesel jeans (dark blue)
  8. Aiiz Sport shorts (white/grey)
  9. Malta sports shorts (blue/white)
  10. Suvari long-sleeve shirt (black)
  11. Colombia long-sleeve thermal shirt (black)
  12. Long-sleeve sweater (grey/blue)
  13. Long-sleeve sweater (grey)
  14. Hoody (blue)
  15. Aiiz short-sleeve shirt (blue/white)
  16. Parkour t-shirt (black)
  17. Aiiz golf shirt (blue/black)
  18. Zara t-shirt (black)
  19. t-shirt (blue)
  20. t-shirt (grey)
  21. t-shirt (black)
  22. t-shirt (black)
  23. 21 Men t-shirt (black)
  24. 21 Men t-shirt (black)
  25. Krav Maga t-shirt (red)
  26. World Domination t-shirt (green)
  27. Nepal Bungee t-shirt, with sleeves cut off (green)
  28. Sports vest (blue/navy)
  29. Hush Puppies undershirt (black)
  30. 5 pairs of socks (2 sports, 3 dress)
  31. 3 pairs of boxer briefs
  32. Casual scarf
  33. Wooly hat
  34. Low Alpine trekking hat
  35. Sunglasses
  36. Canvas belt (black)

Electronics & Accessories

  1. MacBook Air 13” with charger (plus receipt and documentation)
  2. iPhone 5 with charger
  3. Amazon Kindle* with case and charger
  4. Wahl electric shaver
  5. GoPro Hero 2 camera with cable and attachments/fixtures (plus documentation)
  6. Apple headphones
  7. 2GB Kingston memory card
  8. 512MB SunDisk memory card
  9. 2 GB USB key
  10. DVD: Total Immersion – Perpetual Motion Freestyle In 10 Lessons
  11. Canon Powershot SD1000 camera and charger*
  12. iPhone 3G
  13. GorillaPod tripod
  14. Kensington laptop lock

Bags & Containers

  1. Deuter Futura 42-liter backpack*
  2. Samsonite Luxemburgo 33-liter backpack
  3. STM laptop carry bag
  4. Toiletries bag
  5. Canvas grocery bag
  6. 9 plastic bags (various sizes, mostly for keeping things separated/organized)
  7. 3 waterproof sleeves for papers and electronics (like these*)
  8. Laundry bag
  9. After Eight tin
  10. Small tupperwear container
  11. Plastic bottle

Books, Papers & Stationery

  1. 3 notepads
  2. 3 markers
  3. 2 pens
  4. Pencil
  5. Book: Sybex Spanish Language Guide
  6. Manual: Emergency First Response
  7. A dozen A4 print outs (passport copies, cargo ship documentation, copywriting
  8. examples, swimming notes, copy of driver’s license)
  9. A4 envelope
  10. A4 folder
  11. Super glue
  12. 3 rolls of sticky tape (various kinds)
  13. Family crest bookmark


  1. Cards from Loren
  2. Letter from Niraj
  3. Letter from Dad
  4. Remembrance card
  5. Nepali necklace from Niraj
  6. Little Buddha from Manish
  7. Small stuffed rabbit from Reka


  1. Small blue hand towel
  2. Plasters/band-aids
  3. Nail scissors
  4. Nail clippers
  5. Tweezers
  6. Deodorant
  7. Toothpaste
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Disposable razors
  10. 2 toothbrushes
  11. Soap
  12. Tissues
  13. Dental floss
  14. Lube
  15. Hairpin
  16. Condoms

Exercise Equipment & Accessories

  1. Belkin iPhone sports armband
  2. Reebok stretch rope
  3. Swimming goggles
  4. Nike mouthguard
  5. Reebok gym gloves
  6. Valeo weights belt


  1. Vitamin D3 pills


  1. Money clip with cards and cash
  2. Second (decoy) money clip with cards
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Safety pin
  5. Rick Steves Travel Gear Clothesline*
  6. Bliss padlock and key
  7. iMota padlock and keys
  8. Passport photos
  9. Old passport
  10. Current passport
  11. Yellow vaccination book
  12. Driver’s license
  13. Handful of small bills and coins in various currencies
  14. Playing cards
  15. Cable ties
  16. Penknife
  17. Jack knife
  18. Small umbrella

Above: Video of me displaying all my possessions before I left Spain in August, 2011.

Above: All my possessions laid out before I left Cork on April 28th, 2011. Apart from the bed of course, and except for my camera. Oh, and yes, I was neked when I snapped this pic ; -)

Above: Me and everything I own. December 1, 2010. New Orleans International Airport.

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