July 16th – July 31st, 2019


I’m 37 years old and have visited 53 countries to date, but today was the first time I ever felt an earthquake. The center was some 120km southwest in the Indian ocean. 6.2 magnitude apparently. No damage here, no injuries. But a good reminder that we’re all just fleas on the back of this big dog.


Came across a certain website a few months back, saw that we’re competing for some of the same keywords. It’s a decent site, content okay but nothing unbeatable. Found out today that they’re crushing it with ad revenue. Probably six figures each month. I love hearing that. Shows the potential.


Loving the gym these days, go pretty much every morning now. I keep the workouts short, ~45 minutes. Run and stretch and lift while listening to a good podcast. The body’s looking better, feeling better, and I seem to have more energy. I’ll have to prioritize joining a gym whenever I move some place new.


Childhood was a blur for me. Fond memories, but fuzzy. My adolescent years are much clearer. Perhaps that’s true for everyone. You don’t start getting to know yourself properly until puberty hits. I’m 37 years old now, so it’s a quarter century since I crossed that threshold. Long time.


Running a small business is never boring, such a variety of tasks and roles. Today I’ve been coding, designing, doing strategy, content, customer service, social media management, finances, admin… Not ideal to be so scattered, but the occasional day like this makes me feel like a digital Renaissance man.


Sunday evening, quick check of my RescueTime dasboard. More than sixty hours clocked on the laptop this week, and that’s after subtracting time spent on entertainment (YouTube, etc). My work/life balance is terrible right now, but I don’t care. Really feel like I’m building something special.


I quit my job and started my own business nine years ago. If I could go back and start again, I’d find a successful online entrepreneur and offer to work for $1,000/month, do whatever needs doing, learn as much as possible from them. Because I realize now that I wasted a lot of time figuring shit out on my own.


Right now the streets of Ubud are lined with bamboo poles, one outside every compound. They stand taller than any rooftop, decorated with colored ribbons and coconut leaves. Galungan has begun, one of the most important festivals on the Balinese calendar, celebrating the triumph of good over evil. 


Can’t sleep, termites are swarming downstairs, so I head out to meet the sunrise. Ubud is at its most beautiful right now, especially at this hour. I wander down little side streets and alleyways, wafting incense, towering penjor, thatch-roofed temples, bright fabrics, elegant shrines, beautiful people.


Scott Young writes:

“Seeing peers eclipse you professionally can be tough, especially when you’re grinding away every day.”

Yup. I’m still grinding, have been eclipsed by many peers. eBiz Facts feels like a winner though. Gotta stay focused and make that what I know it can be.


Been enjoying putting together the eBiz Weekly newsletter. Takes several hours each week, but that’s several hours learning evermore about online business and sharing the best stuff with subscribers. Kinda like what I used to do ten years ago, but with basketball content back then. Maybe curation’s my thing.


There are some sharks out there in the business world. Sometimes I wish I was more like them, honestly. But it takes a toll on me to be a dick, to screw someone over, even someone I don’t know. Not that I’m morally superior to the sharks. I’m just not wired that way. For better and for worse.


Heard Zuckerberg say on a podcast today that you should look to hire people who, if the roles were reversed, you’d be happy to work for them. That’s how you end up with a team of superstars. 


Easy get overwhelmed by all the opportunities out there. Read an article today that gave me another flood of ideas for great content I could create on eBiz Facts. No shortage of ideas, only a shortage of time/resources to execute. Then again, as Tim Ferriss once said, “a lack of time is a lack of priorities.”


You read a book like All Quiet – a book written almost 100 years ago – and you wonder how the hell war is still a thing. 

I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow. I see how peoples are set against one another, and in silence, unknowingly, foolishly, obediently, innocently slay one another.


Putting a lot of time into these case studies. Hired a VA to help, been training her, putting processes in place. Case studies are unlikely to reward us much financially, but I really want them to exist, haven’t seen them done the way we’re doing them. Must get back to writing reviews next month though.

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  1. Your Momentos are personal stuff and I like to read them, but my question can be too personal, sorry if so, – Do you still have your Russian girlfriend or you broke up? Maybe I missed if you were writing about it. Ignore my question if it’s inappropriate, it’s just reckless curiosity.

    Also, do you remember me? I am one of those 5 that you kinda experimented on=) Actually, you helped me a lot. Not sure what happened with other guys. The first experience was a failure, kinda, but without your input, it would be much harder to go freelancing. Eventually, I was able to leave my office job that “didn’t spark joy” in me and my income now roughly 1.5k per month and I need more skills now to get more. So, thank you, Niall!

    1. Hey Sergy,

      Thanks for the comment, good to hear that you’re doing well with the freelancing 🙂

      Yes, my girlfriend and I are still together, but she prefers that I don’t write about our relationship and I respect her wishes.

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