June 16th – June 30th, 2019


Another thing you see all the time in Bali are the canang sari. Intricate little things about the size of beer mats, small trays made from betel leaves, decorated with flowers and often containing rice or a small biscuit. These are daily offerings to the Hindu gods, left on shrines, steps, and in every doorway.


Ubud is a terrible place for recording audio. I’m in the bedroom with a bedsheet over my head and pillows all around the laptop, speaking into the mic but having to stop and regularly redo because of dogs barking, pigeons cooing, roosters crowing, engines revving, traffic honking, children yelling.


Been going through the Waking Up course, listening to Sam Harris talk about having no head. Everything happens in the same space, he says: thoughts, sensations, moods, sounds. That space is consciousness. And it’s not a space in your head; your head is just another thought and sensation in that space.


Exploring another part of Ubud, following a little path north of the town through the rice fields. We find two kids about nine years old taking fish out of a stream with their bare hands. The bigger kid asks if we want some, right as he pulls down his pants and takes a whiz into the water.


Was meditating today and heard my phone buzz, immediately got a strong sense it was news that someone had died back home. Checked my phone. It was nothing. How often we’re wrong about things like that and shrug it off, but get it right one time and we attribute it to some magical psychic connection and tell all our friends.


Listening to an entrepreneur on a podcast saying how he red-lined pretty much every other part of his life to get his business to the next level. His health went to shit and he was pounding caffeine and study drugs to keep grinding. And it worked. He got there. Not sure what to make of that.


Buddy of mine recently ran six marathons in six days in the Sahara Desert. Reading his account of it today and for a split second was thinking, “Shit, I should be doing epic stuff like that.” But I don’t really want to do it. I want to have done it and be able to write about it. And that’s not a good reason to do something.


I know I’ve been working too much lately because my sleep ain’t great, waking up well before I’ve had enough rest, mind racing. Made a deal with my Mastermind buddy that I’d get three videos published this month, $1000 penalty for each one missed. That’s what’s been keeping my brain busy.


Reading a great book about human evolution, one of my favorite subjects. Learning that we most likely became bipedal on account of spears. An ape that could stand and walk on two legs wielding a spear for long periods of time had a big advantage. He could hunt more effectively and predators didn’t dare fuck with him.


Back of a taxi, new city, new country. But I’m tired and cranky, been acting the prick, not nice to be around. I used to love arriving in a new place, but travel has lost its appeal. Thinking it’s because back then I was searching, figuring out what and who I wanted. Now I know. All travel does is take me away from them.


Was aiming to be earning at least $1,000 a month by now from affiliate marketing. Just checked one account and I’ve earned $1,300 in the past 24 hours. That’s not normal by any means – and it’s not money in the bank just yet – but Jesus Christ did it give me a boost.


We’re on the helipad of a 36-story building as the sun goes down, painting the sky a pale red. They’ve turned this space into a bar, a popular spot in Kuala Lumpur. It’s fairly packed but the vibe’s good. I feel at ease. The last two days have been better. The last two days I’ve been better.


About midnight in a taxi on our way back to Ubud, listening to Joe Rogan interview Bob Lazar about some mad alien shit. Dude sounds believable, not one of those whacky conspiracy types. He claims to have worked for the government in the 80s, had his hands on advanced alien technology.


I’d like to do the Worldpackers thing sometime. Not right now – gotta stay focused on the business. But someday when that’s steady and I can leave the wheel for weeks at a stretch, it’d be nice to have more authentic travel experiences, not just jump from one Airbnb to another.


Barely made the cut, got that third video finished this afternoon. Audio isn’t great on it though. Considered re-recording but that would have added at least 3 hours to my workload today for maybe a 5% improvement. Can’t justify that. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect enough.

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