June 1st – June 15th, 2019


I’ve had 5 different needles in my body today. Rash on my arms and legs. Sweated through my bedsheets. Took four pills. Ate an egg sandwich. Watched a scary movie. Took a shower with my hand in a bag. Drank lots of water. Made countless trips to the bathroom. And I’m not allowed to brush my teeth.


I’ve now been in a hospital bed for four days. Don’t think I’ve been this confined since getting my appendix out 25 years ago. And to think this all happened because of a mosquito I can’t remember. How can something so small and insignificant cause so much trouble?


Finally checked out. Taxi back to Ubud, kites in the sky. Final bill was about $4000. Insurance will cover the vast majority of it. I could have afforded it out of pocket, but that would have sucked. Buy insurance, folks. SafetyWing costs me little more than $1 a day. Well worth it.


Gonna be another few days before I’m back to normal. Did just an hour of emails and such today and was wrecked after it. Dengue will still be in my system for almost a week. Really appreciating how much of a privilege it is to work. Not everybody can.


At this point, I have to say I prefer Chiang Mai to Ubud. Things are a bit cleaner and more convenient in CM, can walk everywhere and there are loads of coworking spaces. The digital nomad community isn’t great in either, but the super spiritual types are really starting to grate on me here in Bali.


My book is five years old now, started re-reading it in the hospital. Grateful to have that record of my travels, lots in there I would have forgotten otherwise. Same could be said of these Momentos. How easy it is for memories to fade. I hope you’ve found some way to capture your own.


Unpublished a couple hundred blog posts on my site today. Trying to cut back on the fluff and turn this thing into a lean, value-adding, money-making machine. In hindsight, I’ve written a lot of random crap over the years. Time to get focused and only put quality content out there.


Working on a video about survey sites, pulling together all the footage and graphics I’ll need. Going to try pump out a handful of videos this month. Most content creators just write an article and hope for the best. I’m going to go the extra mile with video, see how that shakes out.


There’s something about getting a little extra work done on the weekend. Only needs be a couple of hours, and you feel you’ve accomplished a lot. I guess the ideal is to treat every day like that, like you don’t need to rush and hustle, that whatever you get done is a bonus, and you’re thankful for it.


Been experimenting the past few weeks with not using an alarm. It’s nice in one way, just waking up whenever my body is good and ready. But can’t say I feel any more rested than I used to, back when I used an alarm clock. I am getting more sleep, but perhaps after a certain amount the returns diminish.


Haven’t made any new friends here in Bali. Been keeping to ourselves mostly. That’s the comfort zone. But I’ll be disappointed if we’re here until December and haven’t met and befriended some cool people. Gotta make an effort to attend some events, strike up conversations. 


One thing you get used to in Bali is living with insects. You can’t keep them out of any place. I see streams of ants at the gym, mingling by the bedroom wall, marching in and out of the kitchen bin. After a while you just shrug and let them be. This jungle island is their home, not ours.


Google update cut my traffic almost in half last week. Which means my affiliate income takes a hit. Doesn’t seem to be any good reason for it either. They knocked down some content that I know is far better than what’s now ranking ahead of it. Hopefully time will make it right.


Starting to get a little sense of home in Ubud now. Been going to the same cafe for lunch almost every day. They know my order, names have been exchanged. It’s those little familiarities and acknowledgments that I miss when moving about constantly. You never get to know anyone, and no one ever gets to know you.


Began this batch of Momentos laid up in the hospital. Closing them out feeling strong and healthy. Eight consecutive days in the gym, energy levels high, sleeping and eating well. Heard someone say today though that a sick man has only one desire, while a healthy man has many. True.

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