May 1st – May 15th, 2019


Came home from a nice dinner at a nice restaurant to find a lizard the size of my hand in the kitchen, light blue with red spots, took a bite at a clothes hanger when we tried shooing him out the window. Now there’s a young Balinese man here with a plastic bag tied to a big stick, chasing the thing across the ceiling.


Helmet laws aren’t enforced in Bali, see loads of people scooting without them. Tourists, too. Many of them no doubt the same folks who shun non-organic food and are super concerned with their chakras. Meanwhile they’re five times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident in this country than in the UK.


We really are living in the middle of a jungle here in Ubud. Squirrels scurry up trees outside our window, geckos live behind our fridge, fireflies hang out in the bathroom, there was a snake on the path earlier this evening, and every night there’s a concert of chirps, croaks and clicks coming from all directions.


There are almost a thousand monkeys in here, scattered around 700-year-old temples and gigantic trees that look older still. The monkeys eat sweet potato and sport little mohawks. The males have big balls and tiny penises. There’s a blind monkey named Nelson in a cage all by himself. It’s better that way.


A quarter hour north of Ubud there’s a particularly nice stretch of rice fields. So nice that everyone with an Instagram account flocks there to take a billion photos. Couple that with the ridiculous heat today and the donation requests every hundred meters and I’m wishing I’d never been.


Every time I do it, I’m less stressed while getting more important work done. What is it? Not checking email or any other messages until the afternoon. Simple, but powerful. And I’ve known this for years. Yet I often go months without doing it. It’s as if I want to be distracted most of the time.


Add bats and a mongoose to the list of animals I’ve seen in Ubud. The bats were flapping about the field next door before the sun came up this morning. And the mongoose was snoozing on a table in a cafe in the middle of town. First time seeing one. Mad yokes. Like a cross between a fox and an otter.


I spend a lot of time thinking about how to earn money from this site, but in a way that adds significant value to the world, and doesn’t require me to sacrifice my integrity. Been working on reviews of survey sites lately. That’s been a bit of a tightrope. Think I have it figured out now.


Today there was a man ploughing the rice field next door. Barefoot in the mud, in 30°C / 86°F heat and direct sunlight, pushing some big contraption of a plow with a cranky engine. Hard, physical labor. He was out there for hours. Probably earning pennies. I’m living such a charmed life.


Putting together a post about weird ways people make money online. The Million Dollar Homepage was a famous one back in the day. Looked that up, learned that the guy who made it is the same guy behind the Calm app, which is now a billion dollar company. Wow.


Here we go again, moving to a new place, pack and unpack, get used to the new surroundings, go buy a bunch of household things we’re lacking, stuff we’ll have to leave behind in a few months, wrestle with the wifi, think ever more seriously about stopping all this madness and settling down good and proper.


Starting to fantasize about having my own place, setting everything up just right. Simple things like an extra shelf here, a few coat hooks by the door, nice kitchen equipment that’ll last a while. When you constantly move around, you’re constantly compensating for lots of little inconveniences.


Marking this day. Received a payment of $827.50, bumping me over $1,000 affiliate income for the first time in a single month. Feels good, all the work starting to pay off. Still lots more to do though. $1,000 next month isn’t guaranteed. But this boosts my confidence, validates the plan I’ve been busy executing.


In a cafe, trying to get some work done, but there’s a lady doing yoga to my right. Seriously. She cleared space between tables, put on headphones, and has spent the last twenty minutes doing full-on yoga without a care in the world, as if she’s in a park or something. She probably thinks she’s edgy and enlightened. I want to flip a table and scream in her face.


We’ve got an overachieving rooster next door. Not content when crowing when the sun comes up, he gets crowing at 4:30am. I used to have the same problem with a rubbish truck years ago. Woke me up the first few mornings after moving into a new place. Then I never heard it again. 

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  1. Another excellent batch of momentos! Re: #10 – that’s mad! I remember The Million Dollar Homepage well, and all the nights my buddies and I spent scheming… how could we pull off something like that? Crazy that it’s the same guy.

    I had a similar reaction when I went to look up, whatever happened to that Justin.TV guy who made a bit of a splash by deciding to livestream his whole life way back in 2007. It turns out that Justin.TV became twitch. You know, the streaming service Amazon bought for a billion dollars…

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