April 16th – April 30th, 2019


Been all around the world, fifty-odd countries, but there’s plenty of Ireland I’ve yet to explore. We’re up around County Galway the next few days, staying in a small town that had more heads before the spuds went bad. Yeats lived near here in a castle, and now a bunch of Brazilians call the place home.


Hiking in the Irish countryside, across streams, through woodlands, up and over a couple of hills that once told time. You can see as far as the Shannon from up here. Later we’ll drive to a village and sit and chat at a cafe that feels like someone’s house with a couple of auld petrol pumps out front and a young lad on a fine big horse.


Galway is buzzing with the sunshine today, live music up and down the main drag, heaps of people claiming spots of green along the waterfront, drinks and skits. I enjoy the walks and the talks around the place, trying not to let that run in with the homeless lad earlier take up space in my head.


Had been waiting several weeks for particular affiliate payments to come through. My account showed I’d been paid hundreds, but I’d yet to see a penny. Four emails unanswered. Looked like they were going to screw me, little I could do about it. But some relief in my inbox this morning.


There’s a part of me when I’m back in Ireland that wonders what if. What if I’d never left, eleven years ago? What if I’d returned for good, eight years ago? In a village like Kilsheelan on a day like today, walking in sunshine by a gentle river, it’s easy to imagine being happy here.


Been asking more people about working online. Would they be happy enough sitting in front of a computer all day? Or would they rather be out and about, having more human interaction? Responses are mixed. For some it’s a dream, for others a nightmare. No one path right for all.


I likes having a go at a sudoku puzzle every now and then because it reminds me to be persistent. You get stuck on one sometimes, feels like an impasse, but eventually, if you keep going, it’s like the grid yields to your will and coughs up the next number.


There have been three main cities in my life. Waterford, where I grew up. New Orleans, where I lived a teenage dream. And Amsterdam, which mesmerizes me for a million reasons. Back there now for a short stretch, among the bikes and the canals and the woeful customer service.


The fact that weed is illegal in most places is nothing short of crazy. Especially when things like alcohol, tobacco and gambling are above board. Gambling proves that addiction isn’t a substance issue. Criminalizing drugs isn’t helping anyone.


We’re about forty minutes north of Mokum by train, stopped at the corner of a spectacle. Throngs of tulips, bright strips of color stretching off into the distance. We’ll get caught in a downpour cycling back, but that’s okay. No rain, no rainbows.


On a flight to Bali, via Singapore. Reminding myself that we booked these flights for free. Credit card points. And the same card gets us lounge access, free food and drink at every airport. Credit card companies bank on us being irresponsible and racking up debt. Don’t do that and it’s easy take advantage.


At a raw vegan place. A lady across the way orders a big bowl of salad. When it comes, she places her hands over the bowl and pulses them while taking a breath so deep her shoulders reach her ears. I this very annoying, probably because I wish I cared as little as she does about what other people think.


Here we go again, my least favorite thing about travel: finding accommodation. We scoot around town for a few hours, checking out a bunch of places. Do this in Chiang Mai and you’re spoiled for choice. Here, we’ve yet to find a half-decent spot with a kitchen, even beyond our budget.


One of the best things about switching my business focus a few months back has been giving up the “lifestyle” posts on social media. Used to do that as part of marketing my course, showing that I was walking my talk. Not that I hated doing it, but it’s a relief now not to be documenting every sight I see, every place I go.


Finally found a place. Proper kitchen, great location, easy on the budget. Can’t move in for ten days, but we can stay at our current place until then, no big deal. Will likely stay a couple of months in Ubud all told. Looking forward to getting back into a routine, getting back to work.

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