April 1st – April 15th, 2019


Pretty much all my adult life I’ve used an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Experimenting without one now. Set a timer when I go to sleep, stop it when I wake up, see how long I slept. In theory, my body should rest as much as it needs to, and wake when it’s good and ready. We’ll see.


Also quitting coffee for the next 10 days, until I’m back in Ireland. The past year or so I’ve gone from 5 cups a week to 2 or 3 a day. That’s too much for me. I’d rather not feel so dependent on it, and I doubt it’s doing my digestive system any favors.


Reading a biography of Tony O’Reilly, considered to be the first Irish billionaire (before he lost it all). He’s the reason you see Kerrygold butter in supermarkets all around the world. Definitely a natural-born entrepreneur. Unlike me. This shit doesn’t come naturally to me at all.


Writing a review of Respondent. Before I write any review, I google around and see what the existing reviews are like. Most of the time I’m encouraged by what I find: shallow reviews by people who didn’t actually try or test the thing they’re reviewing. I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said, “there are no traffic jams on the extra mile.”


Was at the coworking for a few hours this afternoon, right by the beach. Took a basketball break at the outdoor court nearby and ended up playing a fun 5-on-5 scrimmage. Walking back there was a dude on a unicycle and beyond him three kite surfers skimming waves. It’s a good place to be, Las Palmas.


First proper virtual reality gaming session, four of us at a place here in the city. Customer service ain’t great, but the technology is impressive. We spend 40 minutes botching a bank heist and another 20 trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Sweating by the end of it.


Meditating, and there’s a sadness there. I try and sit with it, don’t push it away. There’s a line I try to remember at times like this: “We don’t need to feel better. We need to be better at feeling.” But I don’t sit there long. Just a few minutes. Then I drown the sadness out with work and Netflix for the rest of the day.


Been reviewing these survey sites. I think they’re crap and nobody should waste their time. And yet I read reviews from non-affiliates (i.e. non-biased reviews) and there’s plenty of praise. How can anybody enjoy doing such dull work for $2-3/hour? I don’t get how people can value their time so little.


At the coworking, encouraging myself to get stuff done. Been in a slump all week, trying to be gentle with myself. Getting frustrated won’t help. Coworking isn’t helping either. I end up watching crappy YouTube videos and shooting pixels. The start of a slippery slope.


I watched a whole season of a show on Netflix today. 12 episodes. That season was shot in multiple countries, required the skill and communication of hundreds of people, probably took a couple of years from inception to completion. And I blow through it in ten hours.


There’s a sport popular here in Spain called padel. It’s a bit like tennis, but with walls. Imagine if tennis and squash had a baby together and you’re close. Anyway, for my final evening on this island myself and a few friends went to a padel club atop a mall and smacked balls at each other for a bit.


We’re living in a world, he says, where everyone wants to be remarkable. And all we see on TV and the internet are remarkable people, extraordinary things. Very few people are willing or able to embrace their ordinariness. But if you can embrace your ordinariness, well… that is something truly extraordinary.


A holy trinity for my mental health: stretching, meditation and free writing. 5-10 minutes of each gach lá makes a massive difference. Keeping the coffee to one a day helps too. Mad that I’m 37 years old and still figuring this shit out.


Been in Cork and Waterford city centers the past two days. Loads of prime retail locations sitting empty. Hard to succeed with a brick and mortar business. Rent, rates, insurance, all that jazz. The odds are stacked against you. So glad my work is online, way less hassle.


Slept ten hours each of the last two nights. Didn’t even think I was that tired. I tend to sleep better back here in the Irish countryside though. Probably some combination of the quiet, less artificial light, cooler temperatures, and a lighter workload when I’m home.

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  1. I did a 30-day elimination diet. Consumed foods only in the state nature provides them (raw, unprocessed). Undid 35 years of unconscious, programmed eating. Totally kicked my coffee habit and identified a few previously unknown allergies.

    The most important conclusion for me regarding coffee was how it led to weird uncontrollable cravings for other food stuffs. I’m convinced it alters the gut chemistry which has downstream effects most people aren’t aware of.

      1. Your body will guide you … Only certain foods will appeal to you. That’s the beauty of it, you’ll find the foods that work for you. And it’s different for everyone.

  2. #13
    Don’t be mad at yourself because what works for you, when you were younger, will not work for you later when you’re older. So you’re always figuring out things anew! I’m 57 (shocks even me) and here I am following a random Irish blogger for the last 8 years Still learning and growing. It never stops. Which on the whole I think is good. But I do agree it is easy to let bad habits slide back in, when you are not looking.

      1. 13) I’m 38 and still don’t know what’s good for me!

        Although to be honest, I know some things, but still don’t do them!

        As for sleep, I often wake naturally but still feel knackered.

        Don’t think any thing wakes me. I just wake up after not enough sleep.

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