March 16th – March 31st, 2019


Turned 37 today. In a sense, I had me a good 20 years of adolescence. Went off traveling the world, jumping from job to job, project to project. Never really committed to any relationship, always did my own thing, went my own way. That’s a luxury, a privilege. Only the last couple of years have I started thinking more about family, having a place to call home, adult-type stuff.


Reckon I used to be more courageous than I am now. At least when it comes to speaking up about things that bother me about other people. Don’t like myself much when I talk ill of someone behind their back but not to their face. That’s just cowardly. Must be some reward in it though. Maybe I don’t want to give them the opportunity to change, maybe I want to avoid potential conflict.


Reading a book that mentions that Jim Carrey story. He was a struggling actor when he wrote himself a check for $10 million, dated three years in the future. Three years later, he got paid $10 mil for Dumb and Dumber. And the books says, See! Manifestation law of attraction universal intelligence blah blah blah. But what about the thousands of other struggling actors who wrote themselves big checks and never manifested shit?


That book isn’t all woo though. Some good stuff in there. Like how, to achieve huge success, “the real secret is [that] you have to take huge, uncomfy risks.” Agreed. Successful people, more often than not, simply do things others aren’t willing to do. They put in the hours, make the sacrifices, face the fears, take the risks and overcome the challenges that regular people will not.


Reaching out to people for case studies today. There’s a lady who creates courses on Udemy about mental health, seems to be doing well. Another lady who has helped a bunch of people find remote jobs. A guy in Chiang Mai who earns more than $1000/month from dividend income. Another guy who earns $800/month passively through a an Amazon merch store.


You ever meet someone who seems genuinely curious and interested in what you have to say, and you find yourself talking talking talking, and then you think shit, I’m talking too much, so you ask them something and they give a quick answer and then they ask you another question and eventually you think fuck it, I guess I’ll just keep talking then.

No, just me?


Friday is my social day online, have a big list of things to run through. Check for comments/notifications on different platforms, browse for content worth sharing, send out an email to my list, etc. It’s scattered work, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Trying to keep track of all my efforts so I can figure out what to drop, and what to double down on.


Watched a Sam Ovens video today, about online business, more than an hour long, really powerful stuff. As someone said in the comments, “This is not a video to watch, this is a video to study.” Sam promotes his program at the end of it, and I’m sure it’s the real deal, but no way I’m signing up. Too busy implementing all the stuff I’ve learned from Authority Hacker, gotta give that a fair shake first.


Anne Sullivan must be one of the greatest teachers who has ever lived, turning a blind, deaf and entirely uneducated 7-year-old child into a college graduate some 120 years ago. I’ve been reading her letters at the back of Helen Keller’s autobiography, where she gives some insight into how she made it happen. In short: shitloads of tough love, patience and determination. 


Occurred to me today that I’ve developed the complete opposite of an employee mentality. A big appeal of having a job is that there’s less risk, less responsibility. You do the work your employer wants you to do and report back. Freelancing is similar in that sense. But nowadays all I want to do is my own thing, 100%. Give me all the risk, all the responsibility. Let me be self-directed, nobody to report back to.


Read a long criticism today of a digital nomad “guru” of sorts, one of the more famous guys in the community. Had heard whispers of such things before, and my own brief interactions with him over the years never left me with a great impression either. Like Tai Lopez though, he does add some legit value. I sometimes wish these guys were 100% villain so I could write them off completely.


Imagine you 10-xed your income overnight – how would your lifestyle change? Mine wouldn’t change much. The extra stuff I’d be buying would all relate to convenience rather than material things. I’d have all my groceries bought and meals prepared for me, splurge on airline tickets that let me shortcut the security line, hire expert coaches and instructors to teach me stuff I want to learn, one-on-one.


Days like this remind me to appreciate one of the massive benefits of working online and controlling your schedule: I can be there for people when they need me. I remember reading years ago about an online entrepreneur who was able to move halfway across the country when her mother got cancer. No need to request time off, no pay cut. Just pack the laptop and be where you need to be.


Ever have a mild case of food poisoning? It’s actually worse than a bad case of food poisoning. Because with the mild case, you sit there with an upset stomach, trying not to move much, telling yourself it will all be fine if you just take it easy, wait it out. But actually, to feel better, what you really need to do is stick two fingers down your throat and force that shit up.


The occasional Netflix binge day is nice, but do you ever wonder what people did before tech provided an escape from the world? If you didn’t resort to drugs, the only “escape” available really was a good book. But what about before books? People must have just sat around with their own thoughts, waiting for the time to pass. Maybe they knew themselves better for it.


There’s a great soundbite from Neil Gaiman in his interview with Tim Ferriss:

“The biggest problem we run into is going, ‘This is who I am, this is what I’m like, this is how I function’ while failing to notice that you don’t do that anymore.”

In other words, never get so busy being who you are that you lose sight of who you could be.


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  1. 21. Ever since I was made aware of this, I can laugh about talking a lot to a great listener. Over the years I have managed to get them to talk a little more.
    25. You are still such an inspiration to me as I inch my way into self-employment and location independent work. It is an incredibly slow process and I keep going even at a snail’s pace.

  2. 17. I think it depends on whether it’s malicious vs critical. We all criticise and judge others, it’s just human nature. It’s quite different if you don’t think well of the person and are avoiding raising something with them as doing so might benefit them in some way (not saying that’s the case here :))

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