March 1st – March 15th, 2019


What’s better for making money: great product + mediocre marketing, or mediocre product + great marketing. I wish it was the first but it’s got to be the second. How else do you explain people the success of people like Tai Lopez and Donald Trump? The one thing they know how to do best is get attention. And where attention goes, money often flows.


Published all that Tai Lopez stuff yesterday and woke up this morning to find an affiliate credit for a sale of one of his programs. Not big money – they’ll send me only $14.50 for that – but gave me a good buzz nonetheless. Because, given that my content is the best out there for specific keywords, the traffic should only increase. And the referrals along with it.


The expat community here in Gran Canaria is hard to beat. Group lunch today and was sat next to one dude killing it with a software business, and another doing sold-out events every month in London. Smart, experienced entrepreneurs running real, value-adding businesses. Chiang Mai has its charms, but you don’t meet as many people like that there.


Paid €40 for a year of city bike use here in Las Palmas. But every now and then I’d dock the bike and the timer on the app would keep going and I’d be charged for overuse. I was annoyed. Sent some angry messages to support via the app. Turns out I hadn’t read the instructions properly, was docking the bike wrong. How many other things do I blame others for when it’s actually my fault?


I often see men around 30 years old working at supermarket checkouts. They’re well dressed, well groomed, well spoken, often look like they hit the gym regularly. In short, they seem to have their shit together… except they’re working at supermarket checkouts. Wouldn’t think much of it but I see them regularly. All that potential, and they’re stuck scanning barcodes all day.


A bit torn on social media. Can see the benefits, definitely helps business-wise. But it also distracts massively. Tiptoed back in today, and quickly realized that tiptoeing won’t cut it. Might have to hire someone to manage it for me. Just send along the content, let them post it so I don’t have to fight through all the notification alerts and news feed updates.


Doing a bunch of outreach, trying to let people know about the Tai Lopez stuff. This is the tedious, unsexy grunt work you never see in the montage or highlight reel. Has me feeling a bit like a door-to-door salesman, ringing doorbells and saying, “Oh hi, sorry to bother you, lovely home you have here, would be interested in any of these wonderful items by any chance?”


Have a deal with my Mastermind buddy that I’ll do at least 10 minutes of stretching every day this month. $1000 penalty for each day I miss. Been doing this kind of accountability since 2014. Never once have I had to pay the price. When you make failure way more painful than doing what it takes to succeed, you tend to succeed.


Brain can’t stop thinking about business. In the middle of Carnaval and I’m contemplating the profitability of these parade floats — 100 people on the big ones, €70 a head — and appreciating how Captain Morgan passed out free pirate hats and now have several hundred mini billboards walking around town promoting their product.


Helen Keller writes in her autobiography about learning to speak. She was almost 10 years old at the time, had lost her sight and hearing eight years before. She was overjoyed when she could summon someone from another room with her voice. Isn’t that mad? So many simple things I take for granted every day, this woman is reminding me to appreciate.


Tried the Miracle Morning for several months last year. 10 minutes of six things each morning: reading, writing, meditation, exercise, visualization, affirmations. The last two didn’t do much for me, can easily do without them. Not so with the rest. I haven’t meditated much the last few months and really missing it. Scattered mind, chewed fingernails, anxiety getting the better of me.


A few days ago I had two entries on page one of Google for “tai lopez scam.” Then I dropped off the page altogether. Now I’m back at #6. It’s a rollercoaster, and I need to stop checking. Does nothing for my mental health, or my bank balance. Have to trust that I have the best content on the topic, and that Google will figure it out eventually.


Up before 4am this morning. Not because I’m awesome and rah rah rah let’s get this day started. No. There was a little shitty mosquito in my room that wouldn’t leave me be. So I got up and started coding some star ratings for this here website, popping them on my reviews with all the schema jazz, see if that shows up in Google and gets me more clicks.


Published the first case study on eBiz Facts today, about a travel blogging couple earning about $15,000 per month. Planning to publish a lot more case studies going forward. Took me a while to come up with the structure for them. The grand vision is to make it easy for readers to compare even very different online businesses to each other.


Turning 37 tomorrow. I did have a streak going of eight straight birthdays in different countries, but this is the second consecutive year I’ll have it in Spain. Which is fine. I don’t need to do anything special to celebrate. I do what I want most days anyway. Good time to reflect and give thanks though. I’m still living a charmed life.

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  1. 5. It might help to think of the source of your negative feelings about the checkout counter employees. These questions might help:

    What feeling are you expressing? Why do you experience that feeling?

  2. 5. Been thinking a lot about this recently. How best to align your whole self with the activities you do. What’s the use in working a 9-5 desk job that doesn’t align with your values or what you want to do in life? No one’s purpose is to be working the checkouts, right?

    I get that finding your ‘purpose’ or something that truly resonates with you is hard, but I feel like a lot of people are willing to settle for something that pays the bills but doesn’t align with their values in life.

    Thoughts? I know you’re not crazy about ‘chasing your passion’, but the freelance/travel lifestyle seems to align to your values more than a 9-5 desk job.

    1. Hey Tom,

      Yeah, it’s a tricky one. I try to be careful not to oversimplify or make too many generalizations with this.

      As sendaiben mentioned in a comment above: “Maybe the supermarket checkout guys are aspiring actors or musicians -paying the bills while working on the dream job out of hours ”

      That’s probably true for some of them, but I reckon the majority are just stuck in a dead-end job and don’t see any other opportunities. They’re living life on default mode, unwilling or unable to figure out what they really want to be doing and get after it.

      I was there myself in my early 20’s, stuck working a simple job at a department store, dropped out of college for a few years. It was the path of least resistance, and I walked it.

      So I understand how easy it is to fall into something like that.

      What changed for me was looking at the people who had been in that department store for 20 years and asking myself if I’d be happy to end up like them. Not that those people seemed unhappy; I just knew I didn’t want that life.

      So I think that’s what it takes: perspective. Longer-term thinking. Sacrificing some ease and comfort today for the chance at a much better tomorrow.

  3. #10 – My son reminds me of things like that too. He didn’t begin to talk until he was 6 years old. I was told at one point by a medical professional that he may never talk. Despite this, when he began to talk we realised he could already read. Now you can’t stop him, he’s all talk, and competed in a Public Speaking Competition last year in the local community. It’s true, we do take these simple things for granted. He’s my daily inspiration. 🙂

    1. If it paid enough I’d be very tempted to give up the freelance life to work in the tills or in retail in general!

      I think…

      1. That kind of work will never pay very much though. Not in a regular grocery store. And more and more of those jobs are being automated now. Our grandkids will probably think of checkout workers the same way we think of those guys who used to stand in an elevator and push the button for you.

        But even if the pay was good, it would have to be waaay better than freelance work for me to give it preference. Scanning barcodes all day looks so mind-numbing. There is the social aspect though, so extroverts would probably enjoy it more.

  4. #1 is completely true in my (offline) business, but it has prompted me to up my marketing to match my superior product and I’m already seeing the results.

      1. Instead of going on holiday for a week, I stayed home and just developed my website without distractions (my clients thought I was away so didn’t bother me).

        Then once I had a basic website up, I make it a routine of paying myself first i.e. working on my website, marketing & processes early in the morning before I start my actual work and get distracted.

        Atomic Habits by James Clear was an excellent read in helping btw. “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”

        oh and I took up yoga which is phenomenal for clearing the head !

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