February 16th – February 28th, 2019


Came across a saying recently, about how children don’t listen to their parents, but they never fail to emulate them. Interesting to think about the habits you picked up from your folks, behaviors they modeled to you for years and impressionable years. Brings to mind a verse John Wooden once shared:

No printed word nor spoken plea can teach young minds what they should be. Not all the books on all the shelves – but what the teachers are themselves.


Memories fade. Sometimes I’ll try recall an adventure from my travels, or my days in New Orleans, and find them all fuzzy and faded. Like that time I took a 3-day train ride across Turkey and Iran. Almost seven years ago now. Luckily I wrote about the experience, so it’s not hard to recollect. But many of my memories aren’t so fortunate. I’ll never get them back.


Back in Las Palmas, staying at another co-living spot. It’s a nice big house in a fancy part of town, close to the beach and everything we need. Thinking we’ll end up calling this island home in the long run. Lots to like here. Will need to improve my Spanish though. No progress on that the past two years, preferring to devote brain power to business building.


Read something from Nathan Barry this morning that resonated:

If step one in building an audience is to create great content, step two is to endure long enough to get noticed.

I’ve been pretty good at enduring. Almost ten years working for myself now. Many of the people who started with me are long gone. What I need to get better at is creating great content. That’s coming together, I hope.


Difficult is good. Our lazy monkey brains shy away from difficult stuff, but if you can train your brain to persist and overcome difficulties, well… you’re likely to be rewarded with a shitload of bananas. Thing is, it’s easy enough to appreciate that about someone else, to see their struggles as opportunities. Not so easy to view your own in the same light.


Back walking the prom at Las Canteras, checking out the new co-working, friendly faces, on the hunt for coffee and cheesecake. It’s low season at the moment but the weather was great today, perfect surf conditions. The right place to be, the right time to be here.


It’s like I had two separate energies when I was younger, could work all week and then go “let off steam” at the weekend. These days, all I want to do after a full workweek is rest up. I struggle to muster the energy or desire to go do something active. It’s a trap, I realize. Succumb to that struggle and you end up flabby in your forties.


It takes sunlight about eight minutes to travel 93 million miles through space and reach Earth. A light year is the distance light travels in a whole year. And a year consists of about 65,700 eight-minute chunks. Which should give you some idea of what kind of distance we’re talking about when we talk about light years. In short, it’s a very long way.


We’ll see how this Tai Lopez stuff does when I publish it all at the end of the month. I’m hoping to make a bit of money off it, or at least see a flood of links and traffic. If neither happens, I’ll definitely be disappointed. But disappointment doesn’t matter much. I’ll move on to the next thing and keep going. Eight years deep and I’m not about to quit anytime soon.


Long day doing grunt work, putting blog posts in WordPress, getting the formatting just right, all that jazz. Stuff I will outsource eventually but gotta suck it up and get it done myself this week, no time to train someone. But had a nice break for a picnic lunch down by the beach today. Pretty sweet when you can go watch sun, sea and surf whenever you like.


You ever get that thing where you feel like your work is way more important than anyone else’s work, and perhaps even the most important thing in the whole wide world? Yeah, that’s me lately. I probably felt the same a year ago though and I can only vaguely remember what I was working on back then.


Jen Sincero on how to become a badass at making money:

You just have to be willing to do what it takes. And here’s what it takes: Agreeing to get really really really really uncomfortable. Over and over again. […]  you have to take huge, uncomfy risks. You have to do stuff you’ve never done before, to make yourself visible, to acknowledge your own awesomeness, to risk looking stupid.


Alright, just about done. 25,000 words and a 15-minute video about Tai Lopez all lined up to publish in the morning. This could turn out to be a huge boost for my site, or a gigantic waste of time. Hard to know when I’m this close to it. But hey, if nothing else, at least the journey’s been enjoyable. I’m definitely a man who likes his work.

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