January 16th – January 31st, 2019


One of the main things I want to do on eBiz Facts is review courses, tools, books, job boards, etc. related to earning money online, help steer people towards best and away from the rest. Went through a course about freelance writing the past two days, paid $199 for it, made 20+ pages of notes. Glad to find that it’s very good, will happily recommend. Enjoying the review process, too.


Your strengths can sometimes be weaknesses. If I tell someone I’ll do something, I make sure to follow through and do it. Which is a great trait most of the time, but today I found myself in a fluster trying to follow through on something I promised a guy back in November, something that no longer makes sense. Took some effort to shake free of the compulsion.


Got word today that a friend passed away unexpectedly. James Schipper. A good, honest, friendly dude. Had been meaning to meet up with him here in Chiang Mai but never got around to reaching out. A lesson there. On a positive note, the man was living life on his own terms right up until the end. His time was cut short, but he made good use of it.


Had low expectations for the Nomad Summit conference but have to hand it to them, they did a great job. Excellent speakers, well prepared with their topics. And I got to meet a bunch of cool people. Best of all though, I come away from it reassured I’m on the right track. Lots of shiny objects were on display but I’m tempted by none of them, just going to take a few bits and pieces and apply to what I’m already doing.


I’m definitely more at peace with rest days nowadays. Used to be that I’d feel guilty about sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix, but now I see it as refilling the tank and feeding my subconscious. Alex Banayan, the guy who wrote The Third Door, said in an interview that he had to keep taking breaks while writing that book. It wasn’t one big push that got him there, but a series of them, with good stretches of rest in between.


Alright, published the first “deep review” on eBiz Facts, looking at that $149 course for freelance writers. Pretty proud of it, easily the best review out there for that specific course (not that there are many). And it sets the standard for the type of content I want to be creating consistently. Thoughtful analysis and advice to help online business builders make better decisions about where to invest their time and money.


Turning my attention now to Tai Lopez. Yup, the lamborghini-here-in-my-garage guy. Is he legit or full of shit? I’ve already bought one of his courses, will buy one more, and review them both. Did a few hours research on the man himself today. Definitely some shadiness about him. Thinking his courses are probably decent but hard to like/trust the dude given his marketing tactics.


On a group call yesterday talking about getting to “the next level” with your online business. It’s really one of two things that you need to improve, usually both: the service you provide, and your ability to sell the service you provide. You need to get better at the thing, and you need to get better at selling the thing. Or get really good at just one and partner with somebody who’s really good at the other.


At a meetup to remember James. I didn’t know him all that well, really. Met a couple of times here over the years, stayed in touch online a bit. Meeting some of his friends this eve, at his regular hangout. It’s okay, a bit strange somehow. Not sure what I was expecting. I’ll walk home all tangled up in thought.


A few months ago I figured out that all I really want to do for a living is follow my curiosity and share what I learn, help people live more free and think more deep. I started broad, was looking at random stuff like numerology. That was fun, but didn’t feel quite right. Now I’m focused, niched down to online business. This feels right. Not earning me a living yet, but I’m betting it will before too long.


Met a lady from Canada at the coworking today. She’s a lawyer, runs a law firm with a friend. They’re based in Toronto but she handles more of the business side of things so she can up and move to Thailand for a month, work remotely. Just goes to show that, these days, pretty much any job you can do from an office, you can do just as well from halfway around the world.


Been working my way through the Harry Potter books for the first time. They’re good. The editing impresses me most. No fluff, tight and fast-paced. Been thinking how there are seven books in that series. Feel like I’m writing my own 7-book series at the moment, about Tai Lopez. I’ve accumulated 157 pages of notes about him, his courses, his marketing tactics. Perhaps they’ll adapt it all for the big screen someday 😛


Chatting with a friend about ebb and flow. He’s piecing together an idea. Maybe it will be a book, or a blog, perhaps even a comic strip. He’d like to figure out a perfect plan and get started, but he knows better than to rush it. What’s that saying? You can’t make a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. Some things just take time.


Been working a lot lately. Worked all through the weekend. Not because I had to – because I wanted to. That’s a beautiful thing, and I’m grateful for it. I’m also grateful for days like today, when I pop into a cafe for a few minutes en route to coworking, see that Sam Harris just released a 2-hour podcast conversation with Stephen Fry, and let myself sit and listen to the whole thing while sipping hot lattes.


Finished going through the 67 Steps by Tai Lopez. Will be writing a review soon. In short, I found it long-winded, poorly organized, overly repetitive… and often profound. I’ve seen thousands of comments in there from people saying they’ve gotten a lot from it. For folks just getting into personal development, it’s not a bad gateway. But little beyond what’s freely available on Tai’s podcast or YouTube.


“How many hours do you work?” Always been hard for me to answer that question. Sometimes watching YouTube counts as work. Writing these Momentos could be counted, too. I track every hour at my laptop with RescueTime though. This morning they sent me a 2018 summary. Some highlights:

  • Only 1 day all year where I didn’t log any time.
  • Logged 2,645 hours total, or 7.25 hours per day on average.
  • Almost an exact split between “productive” and “distracting” hours.
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