Momentos: September 1st – September 15th, 2018


In today’s Facebook live I talked about the direction I’m trying to take my business in, which is away from freelancing and towards creating more of my own stuff, videos especially. I’d like to tackle topics like Maria Popova and Tim Urban, but on video. Similar to what Tom Scott’s doing on YouTube. The goal is to create content that helps people live more free and think more deep.


Ninety minutes today talking to an astrologer friend about astrology. My head was hurting by the end of it. Not because of the topic specifically, though I’m still very skeptical about that. It’s just that giving someone your full attention for that amount of time and trying to follow every explanation and also keep an ear out for fishy stuff… takes its toll I tells ya.


From Farnam Street:

Imagine sitting on a commuter train and your stop is near the end of the line. If you were certain that you were on the right track, you wouldn’t get off simply because the train stopped from time to time. You know that stops are part of the journey. You can learn a lot from them, and eventually the train will start moving again. Yet when it comes to the goals that are most important to us in life, we tend to jump tracks the second we stop perceiving forward momentum. We’re choosing the illusion of progress over what really matters.

Sunrise in Las Palmas
Sunrise in Las Palmas


Before responding to someone who disagrees with you on social media, ask yourself:

  • Are they trying to understand where I’m coming from?
  • Am I trying to understand where they’re coming from?

If the answer is no to either of those questions, not much point in responding.


A skill I’m trying to develop is turning information into story, dry facts into entertaining narrative, and doing it quickly. Gave it a try today at a Toastmasters meeting. Talked about the Great Chinese Famine, which I’d only read about a few hours before. Also wove in some stuff about me in my underwear. Because, you know, entertainment.


Really didn’t feel like working this morning but set a goal to spend at least 3 hours on video. Once I got into it, I was hooked. Now it’s nine hours later and I’m just finishing up. I could keep going but best finish it off tomorrow with a fresh head. It’s a great feeling though, working away all day, lost in something creative.



Video finished, will make it public on Monday. I believe in letting small bad things happen so you can get big things done, but may have gone a bit overboard this time. I’ve been so obsessed with the video stuff that the rest of my life is starting to fall apart. Diet, exercise, client work. Though each time that happens, a week later I look back and everything is fine.


Here’s a scary news article about the dangerous health impacts of alcohol, based on a recent study. And here’s a sober response from Annie Duke:

If the rates are already really low for these diseases, large percentage increases can look scary even when the overall risk remains incredibly low. If a disease occurs in 1 out of 100,000 people, a 100% increase in the occurrence of the disease means an increase to just 2 out of 100,000. How you frame the data really matters.


Trying to shake off a lazy weekend, walking the terrace as night falls, listening to Joe smoke a spliff with Elon and learning that 20,000 horses used to die each year in Manhattan. Looking up I can see four planets with my naked eye: Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and that one Elon wants to live on.

Group lunch at The Roof
Group lunch at The Roof. More photos on Facebook.


Sprinting steps at the stadium, up and down, up and down. Three teens in Hasidic dress are watching. They ask at the peak of one run if I’m Jewish. No, I reply. How about you guys? They miss the joke and ask how long I’m running for. Twelve up and twelve down, I tell them. They don’t seem to know what to do with that information. Next time up they’ve disappeared.


Do you remember what it’s like to be bored? Thanks to these computers in our pockets we never have the chance anymore. How often do we just sit there nowadays and let our minds wander, or close our eyes and daydream, or go for a walk with nothing in our ears? How are we supposed to figure out what we really think things when we’re constantly plugged into the noise?


So I published that video two days ago, the one I spent so much time on last week. And so far… crickets. Very few views, no comments. Seems I missed the mark. But that’s okay. I won’t dwell on it. Putting together another video this week, and another one next week. So long as I can keep taking shots, I’m happy enough.

Spanish TV crew at The Roof
Spanish TV crew at The Roof


Shouting into the abyss about remote work opportunities in Ireland. The workforce is perfectly positioned for it but nobody seems to realize. Or so I thought. Found out today that there’s a remote work conference happening in Tralee in two weeks, and a chap named John Kennedy has been writing on the topic for the past two years. There’s a movement happening and I had no idea.


I sit at a computer all day then take a meal break and what do I often do? Sit back down at the computer to watch or read something while eating. Not good. But the massive terrace we have here has me doing something new: walking while eating. Get a bowl of food, line up a good podcast, and before you know I’ve gone twenty minutes and a thousand steps.


One of the best things about Las Palmas is being so close to the beach. We don’t go all that often, but always have the option. This morning we went to Las Canteras, rented a couple of loungers and lay for a while. Went for a swim and saw fancy fish on a carpet of green. Dried off and listened to Coach Raveling talk about books and basketball and being your best self.

Una calle de Las Palmas
Una calle de Las Palmas
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  1. 2 Is cool. One of the best and funniest feelings I’ve had in 2018 was when a friend said, ‘do my head in,’ when referring to someone who talks and talks, the effect it has on the listener. Is it an Irish saying, because that’s where I heard it, in Ireland? Getting an idea that someone else, in some situations, gets tired of listening, cool.

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