February 16th – February 28th, 2018


Russian Uber driver eager to show off his heavily-accented English. He’ll say a thing, and I’ll understand, but then he’ll think of another way to say it and share that with me, too. I leave nothing behind getting out of the car but he says anyway, “Please take your things with you.” Then, after a short pause, and very loud, “Do not leave your things in my car!”


Been shifting currencies around the internet the past couple of days. Really shouldn’t have sent $2,000 to savings earlier this month. That’s inaccessible now, which is unfortunate because I don’t really have enough on hand to pay every bill that’s due, especially with the $5k coaching payment I made last week. Cashed in my Bitcoin today and will sell the rest of my Tesla shares on Tuesday.


Sitting around the kitchen table, eating borscht and pancakes… and meeting her family for the first time. There’s a big language barrier, but that’s not a big deal. I lived in non-English speaking countries for three consecutive years, so I know there’s a lot more to communication than words. The dogs like me and I brought flowers and I make the appropriate noises when I eat.

The kitchen/office in my Airbnb in Moscow

The kitchen/office in my Airbnb in Moscow


I’ve started blocking out 15 hours for consulting work each week on my calendar, and another 7 hours for coaching. In the past I would just put the hours in as needed, but they never added up to much. Now it’s obvious why. I was always trying to squeeze in those hours around everything else, whereas now they’re set and everything else has to squeeze in around them.


First call with my new coach today. 3.5-hour intensive. We went over five agreements. Die before battle, extreme ownership, everything is feedback, the rare relationship, feel > formula. Also took some time to write future me a letter. It will go halfway around the world and come back to him a year from now.


Here’s an exercise: write out all the things you’re currently doing regularly. Go through your calendar and your to-do list(s) and your emails. How are you spending your time? What are your commitments and responsibilities? List even the things you do to relax. Netflix, shaving, groceries, laundry. Everything. I did that today. The list was massive. Obvious now that cuts must be made.

Me and my lady meeting with the legendary Jacob Sokol in Moscow

Me and my lady meeting with the legendary Jacob Sokol in Moscow


Interesting point from The Power Of Full Engagement: professional athletes spend about 90% of their “work” time practicing, and the remaining 10% delivering peak performance. Plus they have long stretches of down time. Then there are people like me who expect themselves to deliver peak performance for several hours a day consistently with perhaps the occasional day off.


Was asked yesterday what I’d like to have written on my gravestone. First draft:

I was once like you there, full of breath
Never thought too much, about my death
It’s since come to pass, now here I lie
And you will also someday die
Not nice to hear, but worth a thought
To help you live the life you ought


Did a guided body scan today. About forty minutes. It’s interesting the things you notice when you slow down and pay attention. How often do we feel our heartbeat, for example? The air in our nostrils? Today, just lying there, I could easily feel the pulse in my hands, and occasionally the pulse in my feet. Life flowing through me.

Moscow cafe hustlin'

Moscow cafe hustlin’


Maintenance is easy, building is hard. I’ve had a six pack for the past five years. Took a good bit of work to get it in the first place, but keeping it’s a cinch. Barely ten minutes of light exercise most days. Same holds true for business methinks. Building a business requires sacrifice and struggle, but once you breakthrough it’s not all that hard to maintain.


So this particular Momento makes it five years without missing a day. The first one I published was for February 27th, 2013. You can read it here. Just read back through that first set myself. Wrote lots about chasing tail. Times have changed. And I’m glad they have. No regrets by any means, but I have no desire to return to life as a single dude, especially in Thailand.


If I could do anything I wanted work-wise? I’d spend a good chunk of time making videos. It’s a combination of many things: creative thinking, writing, performance, humor, design… and I’m left with a nice finished piece at the end. I release it to the world and watch what happens, see what kind of response it gets, who it impacts and how.

View from my Airbnb

View from my Airbnb


I used to have the impression that older people were all mature and had life figured out, no hint of the kids they once were. Now I’m almost two decades beyond being a teenager, and I still often feel like one. I reckon we all do to some extent. We’re all still the boys and girls we once were, somewhere deep inside, scared of the same things, laughing at the same jokes.

In the comments below, let me know which of the above Momentos is your favorite. Which can you relate to?

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