January 1st – January 15th, 2018


Got a new morning routine going, based on The Miracle Morning. One part is affirmations. Best to speak them aloud, apparently. Which I did this morning, and noticed I was a little anxious someone might overhear. But why? If these are empowering beliefs I want to instill in myself, if they speak to who I am and who I am becoming, why should it matter if someone overhears?


Been emailing a subscriber back and forth a dozen times the last couple of weeks. Sounded like she couldn’t afford my course, spent time advising her anyway, trying to be nice. Today she replied to a blast about the price of my course going up, upset, saying I was only trying to make money off people. Done with this kind of shit. Not spending any more time helping people who don’t know how to help themselves.


Making more time to help less people. High-level people. Serious people. Folks who already have their shit together. Had Skype calls with two people like that today and it was bliss. I almost teared up on one call when the guy told me his motivation for building an online business. “YES YES YES!” I wrote in my notes afterwards, “This is EXACTLY the kind of person I want to work with!”

Running from nothing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Running from nothing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Reading about Magellan, how he got that voyage underway. No easy task by the sounds of it. Took him years of planning and persuading. He had to keep going through multiple failures, rejections, even attempted sabotage. Patience and persistence is what saw him through. Patience and persistence.


The dude at the desk at the car rental place is always grumpy. I challenged myself to get a smile out of him today. Not sure if he happened to be in a good mood or if my positivity was contagious, but he sent multiple smiles and handshakes my way. Never seen him so happy. His name is Paco. We’re friends now.


Trying to get better on the coaching calls, listening and diving deep and asking what really needs to be asked and not worrying about getting paid. Just add value, help as much as possible. One thing I’ve found good for zoning in and getting present is to make a mental note of the color of their eyes. And to admit when I’m feeling uncertain or uncomfortable.

Had a lazy lunch here today.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Friday, January 5, 2018


We’ve made the most of this weekend. Friday road trip into the mountains, lazy lunch and a wander around a farm. Sleepy harbor town yesterday, sneaking up on rooftops to catch the sunset. Today an epic hike to the most remote beach on this island, up and over a mountain to reach, picnics in the sun, dancing on sand and surf.


A week deep into the new morning routine. So far, so good. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Toilet, 5-minute journal, habit spreadsheet
  • Big glass of water
  • 10 minutes of exercise
  • 10 minutes of affirmations/values/principles
  • 10 minutes free writing (including reviewing/updating affirmations)
  • 10 minutes of positive visualization
  • 10 minutes meditation
  • Make breakfast, discuss plan for the day
  • 20 minutes reading or online course while having breakfast
  • 10 minutes planning the day (including bed and sleep time), quick email check


Decided to get myself a coach this year. Because it’s a bit hypocritical to be touting the power of coaching while not having one of my own. So I reached out to a lady who I think would be a great coach for me. Unfortunately, she replied that was too busy. So I waited a few days and then asked again. This time she agreed to one 90-minute coaching session. The price is $1000. I paid her immediately.

Sneaky dance on Gran Canaria's most remote beach.

Sneaky dance on Gran Canaria’s most remote beach.


Steve Chandler, on motivation:

Do you think truck drivers have this same problem? Is there something called Trucker’s Block, where a driver wakes up and finds his mood isn’t right for driving today? No. A trucker drives his truck no matter what his energy or hope levels are. He has a schedule and a destination map, and he follows it no matter what.


And thus ends my run of weekly webinars. Did the last one this evening, live from Madrid. Two sales from it, and a bunch more thank-you’s. Glad I gave the idea a good shot but just wasn’t worth the time and effort in the end. I’ll likely do a webinar live on Facebook once a month going forward. I do enjoy the real-time interaction, just not every single Thursday night.


Spent several hours today in and out of shops, and a mall built inside an old train station. At one point I was walking along with a few bags of newly acquired goods and it dawned on me that I was on a shopping spree in Madrid on a random Friday afternoon… and it felt totally normal. Been telling myself for the past few weeks that I’m already a rich man. Today was further proof of that.

Big bubbles and kid giggles on the streets of Madrid in mid-January.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Friday, February 2, 2018


Reckon I’ll quit the cold showers soon. Haven’t had a warm one for nine months now, through climates hot and cold. There are definitely health benefits to it – physical and mental – but there’s only so much self-discipline I can muster in a day. With the new morning routine and stricter eating habits, an occasional warm shower would be a welcome indulgence.


Uber to the airport, a few hours east in the sky, and now we’re in Bulgaria, in the back of a minivan headed up a mountain where bears and wolves are said to roam. I passed through this country years ago, on an overnight bus to Istanbul. Didn’t see a thing, never put a foot on the ground. This time I’ll see plenty. Here for a month, to work and snowboard.


How can you ruin the day of a privileged man, who can come to the mountain for a month just because he feels like it, and spend his time frolicking around in the snow between bouts of productivity? Well, all you need do, is give him crappy internet access. Then sit back and watch as he goes mad with frustration.

This was our first evening in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Friday, February 2, 2018

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