December 1st – December 15th, 2017


Message from a friend:

You once asked “what’s one thing you believe that most people would disagree with?” And I don’t think I had a good answer at the time. But here it is: I fucking love dick pics and think they are beautiful. I’ve never deleted any, solicited or unsolicited, from my phone.


In the dream I’m counting money and a coin slips from my fingers and rolls away. It disappears down some steps and it’s dark and I can’t see where it went. I’m panicked as I grab a lamp and go look for it. I search high and low, cursing my luck, until eventually I find the coin at rest in a hole with several others. I fish them all out, then awake with a start to the sound of a goat outside my window.


Moved to a place closer to the beach today, will be sticking around Taghazout another couple of weeks. Went for a long walk down along the beach yesterday evening, between a sunset and a moon rise. It was beautiful. I saw little streams that had carved canyons through the coastline, and wondered if a lone tree ever felt lonely.

My office today 🏄🏻‍♂️☀️💻

Posted by Niall Doherty on Friday, December 1, 2017


You notice a lot more people just hanging out in these small towns. They sit on doorsteps for hours, chatting and watching the world go by. The locals I’m talking about, not the tourists. The shopkeepers and the fishermen and the other townspeople. They all know each other, they all talk to each other.


Not enjoying my time here all that much actually. The solo travel thing, used to get a kick out of that. Now it just feels lonely. I can always meet new people of course, but that mostly feels like the same conversation stuck on repeat. The beach is nice, and I’m trying to embrace the solitude and get a good bit of work done. But I’d rather be elsewhere.


Okay, today was better. Probably because I got off my ass this morning and went for a stretch and then a run on the beach. That set the tone for the day. Ended up doing a good chunk of freelance work and earning myself in the region of $400. A bit of exercise and some money flowing into the bank account cures many a woe.

A recent sunset scene in Taghazout, Morocco.

Posted by Disrupting the Rabblement on Saturday, December 16, 2017


Weekly webinar. I unscrewed a flatscreen from the wall in the lounge and snuck it into my room, need the extra real estate. Didn’t think I’d be able to do the webinar this eve. Was curled up in bed a few hours ago, weak with a fever. Somehow got right in time. Enjoying myself now, teaching what I know to a backing track of waves and mu’addhins out my window.


Another epic day of freelancing. Billed close to $700. It’s days and weeks like this that get me wondering why I put so much time and effort into projects far less financially rewarding, such as 3M1K, when I could probably bank $10k/month with a full focus on client work. But I never wonder that for long. I already know the answer.


Getting more comfortable here. Into a nice routine now. Part of it is playing around barefoot on a big pile of rocks at the end of the beach. Spent about an hour at that today. Climbing, crawling, jumping, exploring. Some local dude with bad teeth came up to me at one point and asked if I wanted some hashish. Or surf lessons. Or anything at all.

Dropped in to Mohammed to keep the hair out of my eyes.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Saturday, December 9, 2017


Not really a good work spot in this guesthouse I’m staying at. There is a terrace but a bit too much sun and wind out there. I’ve ended up working from my bed much of the time. Not exactly ideal, but it’s fun to realize that I’ve earned more than a grand the past week from the comfort of my mattress.


Everything’s dark. Power’s been out for a couple of hours. It’s been raining most of the day. They’re not used to this kind of weather here. 12 inches of rain they usually get in a year. The kitchen is flooded and rain is leaking in through the window frame. Two men out on the street sound like they’re fighting. At least the dogs aren’t barking anymore.


Stretching on the beach, watching big waves. A man with a turban and a camel comes over. I’m squatting as he holds out a British five pound note, asks me in a heavy accent how much it’s worth. I tell him fifty dirham, maybe a hundred. He asks again. I tell him again. Then he walks away, with his turban and his camel.

I dropped by SunDesk Coworking in Taghazout this morning. Potential location for the next episode of Digital Nomads Having Coffee 😊What would you like to hear discussed next time we go live?

Posted by Digital Nomads Having Coffee on Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Group call with the 3M1K crew about working alone. It’s a topic not much talked about in digital nomad circles. Often times it’s just you and the machine. Not like a typical office job with social lunch breaks and conversations at the water cooler. Personally I enjoy the solitude, can happily sit there for several hours building my own little world.


I wake every morning to a chorus of little fishing boat engines rattling to life. Sitting and eating a late breakfast now as one boat clocks out. A tractor hauls it out of the surf and up the beach. Two fisherman unload their gear and lock it away. Older men. Weathered faces. I wonder what they’ll do for the rest of the day. What homes they’ll go back to. Who waits for them there.


Reading a bunch of business books at the moment. Lots of words about setting priorities and cutting the fluff. What are the most important things I should be doing each week? I’ve come up with four, which is probably too many, but here they are:

  • Publishing one blog post
  • Making one video
  • Sending one email to my list
  • Checking in personally with at least 10 people who want to work online
View from my bedroom/office in Taghazout

View from my bedroom/office in Taghazout

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