October 16th – October 31st, 2017


10am on a Monday and I’m at a mall shopping for short pants. I’ll get some groceries on the way home and spend the rest of the day in bed, watching 18 hours of Netflix, reveling in it. I mean, fuck it, why not? If you’re going to be a lazy bum you might as well embrace it, go all in. The alternative is to feel guilty all the while, which kinda defeats the purpose.


Only ten more weeks left in the year. By the time you read this, probably only eight. Then it’s 2018, another year gone, never to return, a little more of that dash carved between the dates on your gravestone. (This is supposed to be a motivating Momento, supposed to give you a sense of urgency, but perhaps I’ve undermined my own message by telling you I watched 18 hours of Netflix yesterday.)


Back on track with an epic work day. Up before six this morning, got some graft in before heading to the beach to get the body moving. Then spent almost seven hours editing a video, wrapped around a nap. Now it’s after ten and I’m winding down for the day, emptying inboxes and filling out spreadsheets.

Sandbox coworking Las Palmas

Coworking at The Sandbox (and me with my terrible posture!)


A big thing – perhaps the biggest thing – I look for in a friend, or anyone for that matter: believability. Can I believe the words that come out of their mouth? Do they act in accordance with those words? Overheard someone today boasting that they earn $1000/day online, when I know at best they earn a third of that. Which is still impressive. But apparently the truth isn’t good enough.


Listening to a podcast about Stonyfield Yogurt, how they built that business. They weren’t profitable for nine years. One of the founders borrowed a million dollars from his mother-in-law. They were scraping to make payroll for years. What kept them going? They believed in the product. They knew they had something special. So they refused to quit, even when it got really tough.


Invited a bunch of people over to The Roof this afternoon, got talking about conspiracy theories and far out ideas. A question comes: What do you believe that most people think is crazy? A big one for me is that all drugs should be decriminalized. Like in Portugal. That seems to be a much better, smarter, mature way to go.


Was up til 2am last night, finishing off eighty-four lines of poetry. Now I’m a room with a mic on my chest and a blanket over my head, starting to sweat. I’ll do a few takes of the audio, get it sounding good. Tomorrow I’ll look for some music to fit nicely with it. Then it should just be a matter of going through my archive and finding the right visuals.


Yeah, this thing is taking a while. Spent about ten hours at it today. I usually take one hour to produce one minute of finished video, but I’ll probably end up with a 4:1 ratio on this piece. Will it be time well spent? Well, no telling if it’ll rack up the views, but working on it does get me into that flow state. That’s worthwhile in itself.


Alright, it’s done. About twenty hours went into it in the end. Publishing it now and then I’ll head off to lunch and not look at my phone or email for a few hours. Too easy to get sucked in and hitting refresh to see what the reaction is like. I’m always a bit nervous when I push publish on something, though less so with this for some reason. Maybe that’s from knowing I made it as good as could be.

7 years now since I took a risk and quit my job. Here's how my life has been since.

Posted by Disrupting the Rabblement on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Down at the beach, sun has just come up over the ocean, peeking at me through sailboat masts and container cranes. I jog a little and do some stretching, then three circuits. Wide push-ups, squats, straight-back crunches, stick jumps, lizard crawl. Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off. Skip a twenty between sets. Sun watching me all the while.


Another webinar this evening. Made same adjustments from last week, added a dose of scarcity to nudge people towards action, got two sales from ~15 attendees. Definite progress. There’s a lot to be said for doing the same thing over and over again in quick succession. The feedback comes fast and it becomes obvious where you have room to improve.


Recorded the latest podcast episode with the cousin a few days back, talking about cognitive bias. One of the things we mentioned was the what-the-hell effect. That’s when you eat one cookie and then think, “Ah, what the hell, I might as well eat the whole box now.” That was the kind of day I had today, only not with food.

Beach-side basketball in Las Palmas last weekend with Jan Demsar.Music: Midnight Specials – Christian Nanzell via Epidemic Sound:

Posted by Niall Doherty on Sunday, November 5, 2017


“I’m going to call you on a transphobic sentence in the video you posted. You said that you had kissed a woman who might have been a man. On behalf of all of the gender diverse people who see the video, please don’t say that. You’re saying that you don’t believe the woman you kissed was a woman, and therefore by extension that all of us are not really the genders we identify as, and are giving up everything to live as. This hurts us.”


Saw someone saying today that she can’t teach English online because she doesn’t have any qualifications. Yeah, that’s kind of irrelevant. I know people with degrees in IT who I wouldn’t trust to perform a google search. And people who never went to college who I consider mentors. A piece of paper doesn’t prove you’re good. It just proves you can jump through hoops.


Been feeling sluggish the past couple of weeks. Probably just need a little downtime. I track my “deep work” hours every day, aim for sixty each month. This month I’m over 85 so far. Frustrating to hit a lull though when there are so many opportunities out there, so many things I can and want to do.

Movie night at The Roof

Movie night at The Roof


Take a minute to think of someone you haven’t been in touch with for a while. You know: that person you keep meaning to catch up with but never do. How about you go send them a message right now? Seriously, go do it. See if you can arrange a get-together with them. Or if that’s not possible, tell them something you love/appreciate about them.

In the comments below, let me know which of the above Momentos is your favorite. Which can you relate to?

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