October 1st – October 15th, 2017


Took a little trip to old town Las Palmas this morning. It’s beautiful over there, feels all proper Spanish with the cobbled calles and pretty plazas. We stumbled into one square with almost no people but filled with sports cars. Another had a bunch of old people dancing merrily to a big band playing live music. We sat nearby and had a coffee and talked about things.


Good stretch of work today then headed across town to bust my AcroYoga cherry. I was the base a couple of times and got to fly quite a bit. At one point several people picked me up and spun me head over heels in the air. The feeling of weightlessness was a trip, especially as a guy weighing 85kgs.


Mastermind call. Putting the outreach efforts on pause to focus on video this month. Before November hits I have to do three live webinars, publish three new videos, and broadcast three live episodes of Digital Nomads Having Coffee. For each of those nine I miss, it’s a $300 penalty. So $2700 total on the line. Better get my shit together.

Earlier today, old man busting some moves to live music in old town Las Palmas.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Sunday, October 1, 2017


You know that old advice people give to a guy who struggles with the ladies? Just be yourself, they’ll say. Which is great advice in one sense, but in another it’s completely worthless. Being yourself isn’t automatic. It takes practice. Same with writing. Takes a while to find your voice, to sound genuine. And the fastest way to get there is to write, publish, rewrite, publish. The practice is the doing.


Basketball down by the beach, competitive 3-on-3. I hadn’t played for almost a year, but did okay. All that time walking on sand recently seems to have toughened up my feet, no blisters to worry about. And it was nice to get my hands on a basketball again. Reminds me of the journey I’ve been on, and how it never might have been if I hadn’t become obsessed with that sport.


This having a girlfriend thing gets me out and about more. 4pm beach volleyball today, something I doubt I’d have done if not for her. You don’t want to be the boyfriend who stays home all day working and not doing any fun stuff. Plus, with a partner, being lazy doesn’t feel like wasting time, because you can be lazy together, which is just another way of enjoying each other’s company.

First time at AcroYoga.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Monday, October 2, 2017


There’s a fundamental thing I have that’s easy to take for granted, a kind of safety net that lets me take more risks and live this fancy free lifestyle. And that is: kind and loving parents that would welcome me home with open arms if some catastrophe struck. Worst case scenario, I know I’ll always have a place to sleep and food to eat. That’s huge. And many people don’t have that.


Watched a webinar today, for Authority Hacker. I’m already a member, but it was interesting seeing how they ran through everything and then made their sales pitch at the end. You could see some people in the live chat complaining about the sales part. Same people who asked irrelevant questions all the way through. Same people who were never going to buy in the first place.


Just after 9pm. I believe I sat down here at about 4pm. Been lost in a work session since. People talk about the pomodoro technique but that’s never worked well for me. Have an alarm go off every 25 minutes? Get up and walk around a couple of times every hour? Completely breaks the flow. Let me go deep and long with no interruptions.

A bit a basketball down by the beach yesterday. This video is mostly my team losing and me not passing the ball 😜

Posted by Niall Doherty on Friday, October 6, 2017


Dinner is sliced tomatoes, each with a dab of lentil hummus and a razor blade of hard, pungent cheese. We sit outside for an hour, in low light, weather so perfect you hardly notice it. She drinks some wine and I drink my tea and we eat and go back and forth sharing small things we’re grateful for.


A hundred years ago, living room chairs were arranged in a circle. People would sit and talk to each other. Then television came along and the chairs all pointed towards that, everyone looking at one screen. Nowadays everyone sits looking at their own personal screens. Four of us in this living room right now doing just that. Honestly though, I don’t wish it were different.


I recorded a 2.5 hour webinar earlier this year, giving people some free information about working online before pitching them my course. I don’t think a single sale came from that. This evening I did my first live webinar, and I plan to do one every week for the rest of the year. Feels more natural this time. Less salesy, more helpful.

Getting ready for a group call at CoworkingC

Getting ready for a group call at CoworkingC


I’ve been accused of making money online by teaching people how to make money online. Which is true. But I say accused because some people seem to think there’s something dishonest in that. To me though it’s no different to being a professional sports coach. They don’t earn a living playing the sport themselves. They earn a living helping others play it. Nobody questions what they do, only how well they do it.


A friend’s been posting mostly negative shit on Facebook recently. Or so I thought. Went and looked at his wall and it was actually ninety percent positive. Maybe it was a coincidence that I caught a few of his negative posts in row. Or maybe negative stuff on Facebook gets more of a reaction and so becomes more visible. Our news feeds may be biased towards the bitchy.


A local man who asks no questions brought us to this remote spot on the island. We’re high in the mountains, deep in the forest, away from the noise. I go exploring while the others climb rocks. Caves, canyons, epic views all around. Across the valley there’s a peak where, apparently, more than five hundred years ago, indigenous people jumped to their deaths rather than submit to the invaders.

Sunday in the mountains of Gran Canaria.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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