eBiz Weekly #5

This Kickstarter Has Raised $230,000+ in 3 Days

Hey there,

Hope you’re keeping well.

A few nuggets I came across this week related to online business…

This Kickstarter Has Raised $230,000+ in 3 Days
It’s a tripod for vloggers, co-created by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income – he just released a podcast episode about creating the product. Crazy thing is, $230k is pocket change compared to the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all-time (#1 has raised more than $20 million to date).

Lessons From A Pro Travel Blogger
Matt Kepnes reportedly earns $60k/month via his travel blog. Many a wise word from him in this article recapping his first 10 years on the job. My favorites:

  • “If you’re only doing the most popular thing to make money online, you are going to fail.” <— This is why I’m wary of dropshipping businesses. Every second person I meet here in Chiang Mai seems to be building one.
  • “Most of the bloggers I know who stagnated or failed were also the ones that never read books, never found mentors, or never attended conferences.”

A Step-By-Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing
This 22-minute video (text version here) from Sean Ogle is a solid high-level introduction to affiliate marketing. Sean shows in there how he earned $3,637 in December through the Amazon affiliate program alone, and even reveals his highest earning products.

Consume Less, Create More
“Too often I sit down at my computer and think, what should I work on? That’s dangerous.” <— Part of a great article by Nathan Barry (founder of ConvertKit): 13 tips for making the switch from a consumer to a creator

Every 6 Minutes
Some eye-opening data in this report from RescueTime, based on tracking 185 million hours of working time. Especially the part about how people check email and IM every 6 minutes on average. (Wait, you’re not doing that now, are you??)

Book Recommendation
If you do indeed find yourself getting distracted regularly, read Deep Work. If you implement only 10% of the recommendations there, you’ll become more productive than most people. (The free RescueTime software is also a good idea. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years.)

$2,000 For Writing An Article
A member of our private Freedom Business Builder (FBB) group shared this big win a couple of days ago: “Just finished a 4,000 word article for a client yesterday and made $2,000 off of it.” Not coincidentally, the same person has been through Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course, which we recently reviewed at eBiz Facts.

Trojan Horse Technique
I posted about this client acquisition strategy in the FBB group a few days ago and it got a good response. You can find out what it’s all about halfway through this article from Brennan Dunn. In short: give, then ask. (And don’t get hung up on Step 3 there. You don’t have to have your own podcast or blog. You can guest post on other people’s platforms.)

That’s all for now.

Keep at it.

I believe in you.

Niall Doherty
eBiz Facts

P.S. If you’d like to read some of my more personal ramblings, my latest Momentos are here.

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