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This Guy Retired In His 30s And Lives Off Dividends In Thailand

Hey there,

How the hell are ya? All going well with your online biz?

Hit reply and let me know if you’ve had any big wins lately, or if there’s anything I can help with. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m pretty good at finding stuff out 🙂

Below are a few bits and pieces related to online business I think you’ll like…

As Passive As It Gets

Our latest case study on eBiz Facts is a little unusual, featuring a guy who retired at age 33 thanks to dividend income. His income from dividends is only $1,137/month, and it has taken him years to get to that level, but it’s about as passive as it gets.

“It scales indefinitely. My portfolio will continue to compound, even with no input from me, and eventually turn me into a multi-millionaire.”

See the full case study here.

(Also, let us know via the comments what kind of online businesses you’d like us to cover in future case studies.)

Graphic Design

This 18-minute TED Talk about flags – yes, flags – will give you a few laughs while teaching you a few core principles of graphic design.

Digital Nomads + Mental Health

From an article entitled, The unexpected negative impact being a digital nomad can have on your mental health:

“Everything is so cultural and you always have to adapt to that,” said Müller. “And I think there’s this big feeling you don’t understand and don’t feel understood at the same time. And this is really exhausting.”

Also interesting to note that the lady who wrote the article is a trained psychologist who travels around Southeast Asia while offering counseling services via Skype. Check out her website here.

Nerdy SEO

If you’re a total SEO nerd then definitely check out the latest episode of the Authority Hacker podcast. Gael Breton talks to Kyle Roof about ranking lorem ipsum pages, using hyphens in URLs, and what the sites that got whacked with a recent Google update have in common.

Legends Of Scotland

My buddy Jim Hughes has only 2 spots left for an event in Scotland in June. He’s all about combining high-level entrepreneurship with outdoor adventure, so if that sounds like your mug of mead, check out the event info here.

Landing Pages

Yesterday I recorded an hour-long video interview with Nicholas Scalice from Landing Page School, all about how to build great landing pages and offer that as a service to paying clients.

The interview is only available to members of Freedom Business Builder, but I was so impressed with Nicholas and what he’s teaching that I wanted to pass along some of his free resources to you.

  • Landing Page Jumpstart – A free course to learn the basics of building landing pages in 1 hour or less.
  • Landing Page Podcast – Weekly insights on landing page design, A/B testing, and conversion optimization that you can start using right away.
  • Free Facebook Group:  A very active group where you can ask questions, share what you’re working on, get landing page reviews, and connect with other marketers and designers.

Learn To Code – 10 Lessons

Great guest post on Tim Ferriss’s blog by a 50-something-year-old non-coder who learned to code.


  1. The online world is your friend. Start there.
  2. Don’t stress over what language to pick.
  3. Code every day.
  4. Automate your life.
  5. Prepare for constant, grinding frustration.
  6. Build things. Build lots of things.
  7. “View Source”: Take other people’s code, pick it apart, and reuse it.
  8. Build things for you—code you need and want.
  9. Learn how to learn.
  10. Reach out to other coders.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

An excellent short read from Shane Melaugh. Key point:

“As you’re building up a business, the same qualities that helped you get started can get you stuck and slow down your progress. In today’s post, we talk about why this is and what to do about it.”

Funky Work Music

I absolutely ❤️ these mixes from Coccolino Deep on YouTube. Perfect soundtrack for getting work done. Listening to The Big Lebowski mix as I write this.

(Got any work music recommendations yourself? Share in the comments here.)

Turning $1,000 Into $89,263

A fascinating thread on Twitter. And a reminder that there’s no one formula or step-by-step guide that’s going to make you successful. Be creative and add your own twist.

Being ballsy helps, too.

Facebook Marketing Course

I mentioned George Kao’s Facebook Marketing Course a couple of weeks ago.

I went through the first hour of it myself this week and was very impressed. George’s approach to marketing is very thoughtful, genuine, and often contradicts what the flashy marketing pros teach. For example, George explains in the course why he avoids using images in most of his Facebook posts, and why only 20% of his ads have a call to action.

Sign up for the course here if you’d like to learn Facebook marketing. Price is $100 USD. The first two sessions have already been recorded, with several more lined up for the coming weeks.

That’s all for this week.

Rock on with your legendary self.

Niall Doherty
eBiz Facts

P.S. If you’d like to read some of my more personal ramblings, my latest Momentos are here.

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Great Value Courses
My go-to websites when looking to learn or enhance a skill are CourseraSkillshare and Udemy. They have thousands of courses on many different topics, rated and reviewed so you can easily tell what’s best. Udemy and Coursera are pay-per-course, whereas Skillshare is a subscription model (my preference).

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  1. Good collection of links once again.

    Do you plan to review any SEO courses? I’d quite like to get into offering local SEO services so am interested in finding a course on that sort of thing.

    I understand the Tai Lopez course had some relevant content in?


    1. Hey Joe,

      At some point, yes, I’d love to review a course (or several) like that. It will probably be a few months before I get to it though. Looking to build a team so we can do more reviews.

      For now I’d recommend checking for top-rated SEO courses on Udemy and/or Skillshare.

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