DtR Weekly #8

Momentos, pirates and unicycles

Hey there,

Writing to you from a nice coworking space (Hub 53) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

​​I pay about $0.60 per hour I spend here, which includes all the coffee I can drink 🙂

Anyway, here a few things related to online business you might be interested in…

High Quality Hours
Nathan Barry writes: “Can you build a great company in 40 hours a week? Absolutely! But only if those are high quality hours.” The same applies to any kind of online business. The higher quality the hours you put in, the less you need to burn the candle at both ends. Related book: Deep Work. Related video: Hard Work Is Overrated.

The Super Mario Effect
A coding experiment described at the beginning of this TED talk shows the value of approaching “problems” the way you’d approach a video game. In short, people who take the video game approach are far more likely to make repeated attempts and eventually succeed.

“What’s Your Budget?”
Derek Halpern makes a compelling case in this 5-minute video that you should NOT ask clients what their budget is. “Why does how much I have to spend change how much you’re going to charge me?” (Also worth watching from Derek: why portfolio pages are overrated, and what you should put on your website instead.)

This podcast interview with Janice Bryant, the first black woman to own a billion-dollar business, is inspiring stuff. Asked how she first started finding clients for her business, she replied that it was all W.O.M.B.: Word Of Mouth, Baby.

How To Tell When A Client Is Bluffing
Danny Margulies writes: “If someone is calling a car dealership 550 miles away from their house, they’re interested enough to pay the full asking price.” He makes the case that the same applies to freelance clients who ask you to lower your price.

5-Year Retirement Plan
Just finished reading 5 Steps To Retire In 5 Years by Jason Fieber, who I’ve met a couple of times here in Chiang Mai. In the book he outlines how he retired at age 33, and lays out a plan pretty much anybody can use to retire 5 years from now. His steps are simple, but not easy. An inspiring, thought-provoking read. His blog is worth a look, too.

A Call For Copywriters
A special thanks to Hazel (one of my supporters on Patreon) for sharing with me some of the links above. She’s currently looking to connect with copywriters who need help designing and building landing pages for their clients. If you know anyone like that, hit reply and I’ll connect you.

Thanks for reading.

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 😉

– Niall Doherty

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  1. Good stuff!

    Just had a look at the Mr Free blog. Looks like he only gets $1000 per month for his fund.

    The total amount of dividend income I’ve collected in 2018 is now up to $11,287.76.

    That’s not retirement money, even in Thailand, or am I missing something?

    Would love to fire but would you recommend his book?

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