DtR Weekly #5

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DtR Weekly

Momentos, insults, and the McRib effect

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Hey there,

How ya getting on? Any good news for me??

I’m well settled in Chiang Mai now and getting back into the flow of things, feeling like my old productive self again 🙂

Below you’ll find my weekly dose of odds and ends to help you live free and think deep.

But first…

Thank You!
Thanks to the support of 25 legends on my Patreon, this morning I shut off ads on all 700+ of my YouTube videos. Those ads brought in a bit of money every few months, but I had no control over their content, they interrupted the viewing experience, and they were hawking products and services my viewers likely didn’t want or need. (I spoke a bit more about this in a Facebook Live yesterday.) 

How To Deal With Insults
I originally wrote this article back in 2011 and practically every month since it’s been one of the top-read pieces on my blog. Yesterday I released a new video to go with it, answering the question: what should you do if some dude named Klaus calls you a dunkelbumser in the small German town of Wankendorf? 

Learn Anything For $10
If you want to learn a skill that will earn you money online, Udemy courses are a very cost-effective way to do that, and their biggest sale of the year is happening now. (If you’re not sure which skill to choose for working online, see here and here.) 

The #1 Reason Digital Nomads Fail
I started this discussion in a popular group for digital nomads on Facebook, and there are now 113 comments on there, including many from experienced DN’s. Worth a look if you’d like to learn about the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. (Note that you may need to request access to the group before you can see the thread.) 

The McRib Effect
This article shows that the stock market performs better whenever McDonald’s releases it’s pork sandwich. Of course, one doesn’t cause the other, which is rather obvious in this case. But there are many other times when it’s not so obvious, and it’s easy to get caught out. 

“How To Find Freelance Clients For Your Online Business”
This will be the topic for my next online workshop/course. What questions, challenges, issues would you love for me to cover in the course? Hit reply and let me know, or post a comment over on this Facebook thread

My latest vignettes, from Gran Canaria, Malaga, and Chiang Mai. 

Don’t Delay Gratification
A framework shift from Paula Pant in tip #3 here“Don’t delay gratification; reframe gratification. Find gratification in index fund investing, buying rental properties, and watching your net worth grow. Find gratification in home-cooked meals, driving a reliable used car, and not getting brainwashed by fancy labels.” 

What Does The Science Say About Meditation?
Karol Gajda tried meditating for 10 minutes per day for 100 days… and experienced no benefits. In this article he reports that the science on meditation is still lacking. (For the record: I meditate regularly and believe there are great benefits to the practice. But it seems there’s not much science to support that belief.)  

Daily Facebook Live Videos
A couple I’ve done recently:
– What’s your mission? (I mentioned mine on the 4th line of this email)
– A few mad things about Socrates

Freedom Business Builder
Until the doors close for good at the end of the month, I’m going to keep reminding you about my premium course to help you build an online business. Here’s a nice example of the kind of success students are having with the course, reported three weeks after joining: 

“June was my first $1000 month, actually $1150. It began with a $20 article that turned into $950 of work for one client alone. With the guidance in this course. I think something just clicked with using Upwork for me, which is great! Win!”

Bed Before 10
Inspired by this article from Scott Young, I’ve started a 30-day challenge of being in bed with the lights out by 10pm each night. Here’s a quote I found on Twitter that’s helping me stay on track:

“Don’t stay up late for anything you wouldn’t get up early for.”

Thanks for reading.

Rock on with your legendary self.

– Niall Doherty

P.S. If you’re not digging these emails, please unsubscribe. Life’s too short to be reading stuff that don’t float your boat 😉

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