Over Beyond – Episode 10

Cognitive Bias

In this episode we talk about different types of cognitive bias. Such as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, which explains why someone would think rubbing lemon juice on their face would make them invisible to security cameras. We also discuss negativity bias, the money illusion, survivorship bias, moral luck, and the what the hell effect.

Your hosts: Niall Doherty and Ciaran Hourican

Books Mentioned In This Episode

Pre-Suasion Waking Up The Maximalist Freedom From Fear Sapiens

Podcasts Mentioned In This Episode

The Joe Rogan Experience The Guilty Feminist Podcast Tara Brach

Movies/Documentaries/TV Shows Mentioned In This Episode

Amanda Knox The Sopranos Mindhunter Ray Donovan Westworld OJ Simpson The Wire

Other Stuff We Mentioned

John O’Donohue poem: A Blessing for the Breakup of a Relationship
WB Yeats poem: The Second Coming
Fintan O’Toole articles: The Irish Times | The Guardian

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