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Quitting Vipassana

Last week I began a Vipassana course at a little meditation center up in the hills outside of Kathmandu. Ten days of what they refer to as noble silence. That means no talking, no writing, no reading, no eye contact, no music, etc. You are permitted to talk with a teacher every day at specific […]

The Church of I Don’t Know

Way back in early October last year, I was stopped in Durham hanging out with the legendary Anthony from Man Vs. Clock. One afternoon, between web-work sessions at the city library, we were strolling along the cobbled streets when a young college student approached and asked if we’d like to partake in a quick survey. […]

Lessons From A Rogue Priest

I was raised Catholic in Ireland, went to Mass every Sunday growing up, did both the Communion and Confirmation dealio. I never enjoyed the church experience though, never found any of it particularly meaningful. The most vivid memory I have from religion class in secondary school was when another student asked our reserved teacher if […]