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How To Quit Porn

9 essential tips and ideas for quitting pornography, plus a discussion of the benefits of quitting, helpful videos, books and apps.

Being Creepy

There’s an old Woody Allen movie called The Diary. Set in a small American town in the 1940’s, Allen plays the lead role of an impoverished young man (Norm) who falls for a local heiress (Annie). He goes all out to try win her heart, being very bold and reckless, seemingly oblivious to her lofty social stature and any kind of courting etiquette.


It’s almost 2 a.m. as I leave a bar on Frenchmen, grab my bike and head for home. This counts as an early night in New Orleans. I didn’t get to bed the previous until seven in the morning.

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

In this article I’d like to discuss something many men will experience at some time in their life (often before the age of forty), but few are willing to talk about. That something is erectile dysfunction.

My Most Vulnerable Interview Yet: The Art of Charm Podcast

A quick heads up on an interview I recently recorded with one of the biggest podcasts online. The Art of Charm is the #1 rated podcast in the self-help category in iTunes, and on the episode just released you’ll hear me talk about the following…