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Momentos: November 16th – November 30th, 2018

We think to ourselves, “If only those people knew what I know, believed what I believe, understood what I understand, then we’d all be better off.” This is, of course, completely delusional.

Momentos: November 1st – November 15th, 2018

I’m the kind of tired that feels like a nice blanket. Helps that we’ve got empty seats around us, and music from 1975 in my ears. “Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast. Oh, but what a shame if all we’ve shared can’t last.”

Momentos: September 16th – September 30th, 2018

It’s after midnight and I’m standing alone in the kitchen, knees bent, arms above my head, listening to Linkin Park. Been in this position for a few minutes, starting to sweat, legs getting shaky…