Authority Hacker Pro Review

Is Authority Hacker Pro A Good Investment?

Above is my Authority Hacker Pro review, video-style.

Authority Hacker Pro teaches you the absolute best long-term strategy for building an online business, and earning $1000’s a month from your laptop.

Examples Of Authority Sites

Case Studies

What’s Inside Authority Hacker Pro?

  • 220+ over-the-shoulder video tutorials
  • A beginner’s guide to authority sites
  • 16 advanced blueprints
  • Tons of webinars
  • Tons of plug-n-play templates
  • A community of 700+ authority site builders

Is Authority Hacker Pro Right For You?

I recommend you give Authority Hacker Pro a try IF:

  • You want to earn $1000’s/month.
  • You want to build a value-adding business you can be proud of, not just make money for doing nothing.
  • You are patient and willing to spend months (if not years) building an authority site.
  • You are someone who takes action.
  • You would rather not freelance online or want to move beyond that kind of work.

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  1. Niall,

    How about a pdf of your video. I find it very ineffecient to listen to it, like I find most vids.
    People just ramble too much, sorry.

    How about that?



    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sam. If enough people ask for it, I’ll create a transcript. Right now it’s just not worth the time/effort/expense though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Mate, that was a great video review of Authority Hacker… You have a great style with these kinds of video reviews. Well done! Feels like there’s more of a buzz right now around the AHPro program!

  3. Hi Niall, thanks for a good review and links, it got me thinking!

    You write that exchanging your time for money (freelancing) isn’t the best long term strategy.

    To me, freelancing or building an authority site are ultimately the same:

    Freelancing – Works like this: start with lower hourly rate, increase your skills and client portfolio, marketing, end up with a good hourly rate. Chances are, this will be constantly increasing, so you’ll be exchanging time for more money if you’re good.

    Authority site – works like this: start with no earnings, spent a lot of time building a good site. Get traffic and enjoy benefits, if you’re good, it’ll be more than freelancing (earning per hour basis).

    BUT – authority sites are temporary – max a few years. Then you need to spent shitload of time building a new one. No course, blog, site that gives advice continues to make money whilst you sleep in the long term. You need to reinvent it, and invest a lot of money into it. You can’t ever know how much money you will get or how much time you will spend getting the site off the ground.

    In other words – you’re exchanging time for money and the only difference is the lifespan and control you have.

    With authority sites, you spend a lot of time upfront, then (potentially) get a good chunk of money afterwards. Then sales dry out, you need to spend lots of time again. Therefore hard to plan your future on it – it’s less stable and a lot of it is out of your control (trends change, google algorithms change, peoples interests change). So you will spend loads of time every few years building a new site or revamping the old one.

    With freelancing, you are not building a site that has a short (= few years) lifespan, but skills that constantly evolve with the technology and have long lifespan. You know how much you get per 1h of your time and therefore can plan better. You only work as much as you make yourself – can freelance doing 2hrs per day and still be well off.

    Somehow freelancing sounds better to me, I wonder whether I’m missing something there? What do you (and your readers) think about my logic?


    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Lukas.

      You mention that with freelancing, your skills have to constantly evolve with the technology. I believe the same to be true of authority sites. They have to constantly evolve. For example, if you had an authority site 10 years ago that did well with articles about technology, you’d probably need to be moving to more video-based content now or risk losing traffic and influence.

      No matter what kind of work you do online, you always need to be learning and evolving. (Actually, that applies to offline business, too.)

      I see authority sites as a level up from freelancing because they are much more scaleable. You can of course go from being a freelancer to being an agency, but I’d personally much prefer to run an authority site than an agency. Maybe that’s just a personal preference.

      I believe as well that the financial rewards from a successful authority site are likely to be much greater than from freelancing, or even from an agency. Some types of freelancers (eg. copywriters) can increase their rates almost indefinitely, but most have a fairly solid ceiling. Very few freelance editors, proofreaders or translators, for example, no matter how good they are, are going to be able to command more than $100/hour consistently.

      Like you say, an authority site requires a lot of work up front, but not only can you end up with significant monthly income from an authority site, but it can be more diversified (affiliates, advertising revenue, your own products and services, etc.) and you’ll have also created an asset that is much easier to sell (should you choose to) than a freelance business.

      All that said, I really like the progression of starting with a freelance business, growing it to support your lifestyle in 20 hours or less per week, and then using your free time to build an authority site. I’m working on turning this very site into an authority site, but I still do a few hours of freelancing on the side each month to help pay the bills.

      1. Thanks for a thoughtful response! And sorry, I didn’t use my usual email, but one from my blog which doesn’t have an avatar associated to it. Didn’t mean to look too anonymous :).

        I guess that’s it – there’s almost no ceiling how successful a good authority site can be, whereas freelancing does have a ceiling.

        I’m with you on the progression freelance > good life > good rates > more time > use to build something bigger.

        Agree on agency – too much hassle.

        Here’s another progression route you can take: freelance like hell > earn much more than you need > invest wisely for 5-10 years > let compound interest do the rest later, wind down on freelancing and start doing other things.

        Actually, that should be done whatever else you do :).

        Now just solving the one tiny issue… building an authority site that actually pulls in enough profits over a longer period that will beat freelancing. Market’s getting saturated every minute, much harder than ever to find a good niche.

        Good luck to all 🙂

  4. Hi Niall, great post on Authority Hacker Pro. Just a quick question, have you tried any of Brian Dean’s course SEO That Works or Robbie Richard’s material to build out a blog?

    Just curious as I’m building out a fitness blog and wondering what the differences were in the approach etc and how effective you thought each of these courses are at getting the best results possible as far as building out an authority site? If you had to take one approach which one would it be?

    Thanks very much for your help and time, from a fellow Irishman much appreciated!


    1. Hey Stephen. I’m not familiar with either of those courses so I can’t give you any recommendations there unfortunately. But if you’re building out an authority site then Authority Hacker Pro is really all you need.

  5. Hi,

    Would you recommend this program to a beginner at this ? I work full time and am thinking about pursuing this part-time.

    Any courses/programs you highly recommend?

    1. Niall Doherty

      Hey Nish. Authority Hacker recently launched a course for beginners, so you could check that out. Or if you’re interested in freelancing you could try my course:

    1. Niall Doherty

      They have different pricing packages and there is an early bird price as well. $2997 is the late price of their top-tier plan, and $997 is the early bird price of their lower-tier plan.

  6. Hi Niall,

    I’m just about to watch the video but was wondering if you have any plans to create an authority site that makes $1,000s per month?

    I’m doing OK from freelancing so would like to move onto something like this.


    1. Niall Doherty

      Hey Joe,

      I’m in the process of turning into an authority site. In a way, it already is, as it makes $1k/month or more via my online course and a few other things. But I really want to push it and make it a go-to resource for people taking the first step towards working online. I’m putting together articles that I’ll confidently be able to say are the best articles on the internet for specific topics.

      And I would recommend moving on from freelancing to building an authority site once you have a steady freelance income. Like if you can spend just 20 hours or less on freelancing each month and that pays your bills, then you should have plenty of time and financial freedom to build an authority site.

      1. Thanks, Niall. It’s more like 20+ hours a week at the moment!

        I don’t think I could 4x my rates to go down to 20 hours a month, but its something to aim for in the future.

        Good luck with turning this site into a bigger authority site!


        1. Niall Doherty


          One other thing to keep in mind is that an authority site can be built much faster if you’re good at outsourcing. Not something I’ve ever really mastered though!

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