What The Self-Help Gurus Don’t Tell You About The Law Of Attraction

The following is a speech I gave at my Toastmasters club in New Orleans this past Monday. Some notes follow the video.

In a nutshell, the speech is about the importance of taking action. If you’ve seen the movie The Secret or are otherwise familiar with the Law of Attraction, you may have noticed that a lot of emphasis is placed on the thinking side of things, and not so much on actually getting out there in the world and taking action.

Now that’s not to say that The Secret sucks or that the Law of Attraction is worthless; I’m simply saying that positive thinking is only half the battle.

If you’ve tried and failed putting the Law of Attraction into practice, it’s likely that you spent too much time thinking, and not enough time acting. To reach your goals, you need to do both consistently. Think the right thoughts and take the right actions.

It’s been said that luck is the meeting of preparation and opportunity. I agree with that, so I’d advise you to get busy preparing for the opportunities that are coming your way. Spend some time thinking and visualizing, sure, but then go attend those classes, make those phone calls, run those laps or do whatever it is you need to do to get yourself ready.

I’ll leave you with the quote from Yvon Chouinard that I used in my speech:

There’s no difference between a pessimist who says, “Oh, it’s hopeless, so don’t bother doing anything,” and an optimist who says, “Don’t bother doing anything, it’s going to turn out fine anyway.” Either way, nothing happens.

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    1. Thanks, Mark. Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for that link. I just read the post; good stuff. I’ll keep an eye on that blog.

      Oh and by the way, I sometimes wear a tie to work, even though I don’t have to 😳

    2. Niall, this is great! I am always impressed by people who promote action as a requisite for success. I believe that you are right that thinking is a component, but ideas aren’t enough. Love this! Also impressed with the video; great job.

      Also, as the author of “that blog”(Heroic Destiny), I’m flattered that I found a link to it that I didn’t leave! I love finding others who are intentionally breaking out of the template lifestyle.

      Thank you for the compliment from both of you and Mark! Totally blesses me and makes my day!

    3. Taking action not only is what is necessary, but usually puts you in a good mood as well.
      And being in a good mood cause you to take even more action… a virtuous circle!

      Hearing and seeing you speaking is great, Niall, you are a very good speaker!
      (plus I could understand nearly all what you said, and it’s a great satisfaction for me!)

    4. David, thanks for the kind words. I left a comment on one of your blog posts. You’ve got a lot of great content over there.

      Sara, thanks to you as well. I’ll actually be in Italy this time next week, traveling around a bit before my brother’s wedding in Sorrento. Rest assured that your English is a million times better than my Italian 😉

    5. In his recordinds Bill Harriss, one of featured authors of The Secret, claims that his motto was misinterpreted. The overall focus of The Secret is thinking while he also points that acting is as important.

      p.s. How to upload avatar to your site?

    6. Pavel: Sign up at gravatar.com. The avatar you upload there will be associated with your e-mail address and shown on this site when you leave a comment.