Site Progress Report – October 2010

Nare a video update today. Just plain old text like way back when.

I started doing site progress reports last month as a way to keep myself motivated (I don’t want to report crappy numbers to you guys, see?). I’m hoping I can build my audience significantly over time and share what works for me.

If you’re not interested in website traffic or building an audience online, you may want to skip these posts. No worries.

Here are the numbers for for September 25 to October 24.

Raw numbers

  • 8 published posts (-1 compared to last month)
  • 44 comments (-15)
  • 3,567 visits (+217)
  • 5129 pageviews (-74)
  • 1:04 average time on site (-40s)
  • 1.44 pages/visit (-0.11)
  • 256 total followers on Twitter (+17)
  • 190 total rss/e-mail subscribers (+6)

Most popular posts

  1. The Stockdale Paradox (814 views, +24 compared to last month)
  2. Circle of Influence, Circle of Concern (276 views, -1)
  3. Permission to suck (162 views)
  4. Finding your life purpose (139 views)
  5. The daily habits of highly effective people (109 views, -35)

Top traffic sources

  1. google / organic (1,624 visits, +458 compared to last month)
  2. direct (662 visits, -37)
  3. (147 visits, -148)
  4. (75 visits, -28)
  5. (71 visits)

Top search terms

  1. stockdale paradox (567 visits, +221 compared to last month)
  2. niall doherty (63 visits, +13)
  3. the stockdale paradox (57 visits, +13)
  4. circle of concern circle of influence (31 visits, +8)
  5. circle of concern (26 visits, -2)

Goal conversions

See Karol Gadja’s excellent post on Think Traffic for an explanation of this stuff.

  • Goal 1: Long Visitor (4mins) – 243 conversions, -25 compared to last month
  • Goal 2: Rabid Fan (5 pages) – 66 conversions, -25
  • Goal 3: Rabid Fan (10 pages) – 17 conversions, +3
  • Goal 4: Rabid Fan (20 pages) – 1 conversions, -3

“Um, Niall, that doesn’t look like progress to me.”

Yeah, me neither. Overall, the numbers don’t look great compared to last month. Some are up, some are down. But that’s okay, I give myself permission to suck šŸ˜‰

I expect next month’s numbers to be about the same since I won’t be doing much active promotion of the site. I’m content to publish two posts per week and keep everything ticking over until December. That’s when I leave New Orleans, take a trip to the West Coast, then head back to Ireland to start my own business. I plan to be spending a lot more time writing by then, and I’ll be making some significant changes to the site. Hopefully traffic will pick up accordingly.

We’ll see.

Odds and ends

Two things worth mentioning:

I made my first affiliate sale this month. Someone (thank you, whoever you are!) clicked through this link on my site and bought both of Everett Bogue’s fantastic e-books. That amounted to $30 for me. (Well, not really for me; the money goes directly to feeding the homeless for reasons explained here.)

$30 isn’t much, but it’s a start. They say the hardest sale is the first one, so I’m excited to get that out of the way.

I don’t plan on having a ton of affiliate links throughout the site, and I’ll always let you know if I recommend something that I’m an affiliate for. My goal is to only recommend products that I have personally used and which I believe will be of very high value to you.

Secondly, I did a bunch of research this month on travel hacking, in the hopes of getting my flights to California and Ireland for free. I believe I figured out a way to do it, but left it a little late to get started. Rather than let what I learned go to waste, I figured Iā€™d post the info on Facebook in the hopes that a few fine folks on there can take advantage. The note I posted should be viewable by everyone with a Facebook account, even if we’re not friends on there. Check it out at the link below:

Travel hacking: How to get at least one free round-trip plane ticket anywhere in the continental United States

And finally…

In case you missed ’em

Here are the posts I published in the last month:

Thanks to everyone who has been reading along. I sincerely appreciate your attention. Drop by next week for video of me talking about the first girl I ever hit on šŸ˜‰

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