Site Progress Report – November 2010

These monthly site progress reports are a way to keep myself motivated and accountable. I’m hoping I can build my audience significantly over time and share what works for me. I’ll be dropping these outside of the regular posting schedule so as not to cheat you guys out of the usual content.

If you’re not interested in website traffic or building an audience online, you may want to skip these posts. No worries.

Here are the numbers for for October 25 to November 24.

Raw numbers

  • 9 published posts (+1 compared to last month)
  • 57 comments (+13)
  • 4,093 visits (+526)
  • 5,918 pageviews (+789)
  • 1:38 average time on site (+34s)
  • 1.45 pages/visit (+0.01)
  • 275 total followers on Twitter (+19)
  • 216 total rss/e-mail subscribers (+26)

Most popular posts

  1. The Stockdale Paradox (981 views, +167 compared to last month)
  2. Circle of Influence, Circle of Concern (362 views, +86)
  3. What minimalism is NOT about (262 views)
  4. The daily habits of highly effective people (173 views, +64)
  5. Finding your life purpose (133 views, -6)

Top traffic sources

  1. google / organic (1,911 visits, +287 compared to last month)
  2. direct (745 visits, +83)
  3. (234 visits, +87)
  4. (140 visits, +65)
  5. (72 visits)

Top search terms

  1. stockdale paradox (612 visits, +45 compared to last month)
  2. the stockdale paradox (78 visits, +21)
  3. niall doherty (57 visits, -6)
  4. circle of influence circle of concern (55 visits)
  5. circle of concern circle of influence (39 visits, +8)

Goal conversions

See Karol Gadja’s excellent post on Think Traffic for an explanation of this stuff.

  • Goal 1: Long Visitor (4mins) – 336 conversions, +93 compared to last month
  • Goal 2: Rabid Fan (5 pages) – 81 conversions, +15
  • Goal 3: Rabid Fan (10 pages) – 17 conversions, +0
  • Goal 4: Rabid Fan (20 pages) – 0 conversions, -1

Steady as she goes

I’m pretty happy with the numbers for the past month. Almost everything went up, even though I didn’t do much active promotion of the site and my writing schedule remained the same.

I expect next month to be even better, as I have a lot of stuff lined up that I’m excited about. I feel my life just got a whole lot more interesting by quitting my day job and getting ready for a big move back to Ireland to set up my own business. Hopefully I can learn a lot over the coming weeks and months and share some lessons with you guys.

I also appreciate all the feedback I get from you, so please keep that coming. You can contact me via this page, or leave a comment on any post.

Odds and ends

Just one thing to mention:

Last weekend I met up with the very cool people behind WTF Is Up With My Love Life?! I love what they’re doing over there and I expect they’ll keep going from strength to strength. You’d better get to know what a gaggle is because it will soon become part of our everyday vocabulary.

In case you missed ’em

Here are the posts I published in the last month:

Thanks to everyone who has been reading along. I sincerely appreciate your attention.

Drop by next week as I say goodbye to New Orleans and hello to San Francisco (I have a week-long trip to California planned before heading back to Ireland). You can keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to the blog via e-mail or RSS to make sure you don’t miss a post.

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    1. Fun! I just discovered your site this morning through another blogger’s link to “What minimalism is NOT about.” I like what I see here and look forward to reading more. Good luck with your move, your travels, and all of your life adventures. And while you’re in San Francisco, please say “hi” to the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill for me!

    2. Niall,
      It has been such a pleasure knowing you. Get out there and live your life to the fullest. I know you will. You have touched so many people with first learning and then sharing. You’re a great student and teacher. Keep us posted.