Site Progress Report – March 2011

So these monthly site progress reports are a way to keep myself motivated and accountable. I’m hoping I can build my audience significantly over time and share what works for me.

If you’re not interested in website traffic or building an audience online, you may want to skip these posts. No worries. I usually post them on weekends so they don’t much get in the way of my regular articles.

Here are the numbers for for February 25 to March 24.

Raw numbers

  • 9 published posts (-7 compared to last month)
  • 84 comments (including mine, -167)
  • 6,379 visits (-3,197)
  • 14,559 pageviews (-2,233)
  • 2:22 average time on site (-0:48)
  • 2.28 pages/visit (+0.53)
  • 485 total followers on Twitter (+21)
  • 350 total rss/e-mail subscribers (+19)

Most popular posts/pages

  1. The Stockdale Paradox (1,613 views, +171 compared to last month)
  2. Circle of Influence, Circle of Concern (817 views, +407)
  3. How to be more courageous (552 views, + 509)
  4. The Disrupting the Rabblement manifesto: How to think for yourself, live your dreams, and piss off some zombies (453 views, -287)
  5. Extreme minimalism: How to fit everything you own into carry on luggage (370 views, +57)

Top traffic sources

  1. google / organic (2,885 visits, -279 compared to last month)
  2. direct (1,136 visits, -1,043)
  3. (396 visits, -741)
  4. (284 visits)
  5. (173 visits, -689)

Top search terms

  1. stockdale paradox (594 visits, +16 compared to last month)
  2. niall doherty (157 visits, +0)
  3. disrupting the rabblement (99 visits, +31)
  4. random acts of courage (62 visits, +13)
  5. ndoherty (60 visits, -71)

Goal conversions

See Karol Gadja’s excellent post on Think Traffic for an explanation of this stuff.

  • Goal 1: Long Visitor (4 mins) – 722 conversions, -717 compared to last month
  • Goal 2: Rabid Fan (5 pages) – 400 conversions, +23
  • Goal 3: Rabid Fan (10 pages) – 211 conversions, +117
  • Goal 4: Rabid Fan (20 pages) – 29 conversions, +13

What to make of it all

Coming off of this site’s best month ever, and given the fact that I cut way back on posting new articles, tis no surprise that many of the above numbers dropped off over the last month. I can live with that. I have some funky stuff planned for the next few weeks which I expect will help boost the numbers back up to February levels.

Odds and ends

Two things to mention…

A Course In Courage

I spent a lot of time and energy last month putting together and launching A Course In Courage. I was hoping to get thirty people signed up for the first month of the course, but ended up with only eight. Luckily, those eight people are of the legendary variety and I’m getting great feedback from them. I’m currently making a bunch of tweaks and improvements and will reopen the course for registration on April 18th. You can sign up to get the priority notice of the launch at the bottom of this page.

Going Dutch

Out of the blue a few weeks back I got an interview request from a Dutch national newspaper. They called me up and asked me about minimalism and living with only 63 things. The resulting article wasn’t published online, but a few excerpts showed up here. No idea what they’re saying about me. I’ll just assume it’s all good stuff 😛

In case you missed ’em

Here are the posts I published in the last month:

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out my work here. We all have a limited supply of attention, so I very much appreciate that you’ve trusted me with some of yours. I sincerely hope that what you get from this site is worth your investment.

I also appreciate all the feedback I get from readers and respond to every e-mail and comment I receive, so please keep those coming. You can get at me via the recently refurbished contact page, or leave a comment on any post.

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    1. I love this. The level of transparency you produce here is something that more bloggers need to show. Perhaps it’s not enough jus to reveal your mind. Perhaps we need to even show what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.


      • Thanks, Dan. My goal here is to lay down a blueprint for others to follow, assuming I can grow this blog into something epic.

        I also post monthly finance reports, showing exactly how I earn and spend my money. Got the idea from @raamdev. I have one of those reports dropping this weekend.

    2. Very very short summary of the dutch article :

      It talks about how everybody has more and more stuff. But since last year minimalism gets more attention. Niall Doherty has only 63 things while the average dutch household packs in 6000 kilograms (!) when moving. Then there’s a little bit about minimalists who live very digital. And thenm there’s a lot of comment. Some very much against minimalism, others talking about how they like to live a little bit more minimal.

      If you would like me to translate it for you, say so. Good for my translationskills and stuff.

      • Wow, thanks so much! No need to translate the whole thing (unless you really really want to!). I’m sure I’ll have heard a lot of the for and against arguments before.