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$9,876 2-month retainer

Make me your all-singing, all-dancing web monkey. I’ll take on whatever projects you’ve got and make them my top priority. I won’t take on any other client projects during the two months so I can devote most of my time and energy to building your online empire. Anything I can’t handle, I’ll outsource to people who can and make sure they deliver, all at no extra cost to you. Contact me for further details.
Need some quality, custom web work done? Whether it’s a small tweak, some heavy troubleshooting, or a custom site design to wow your audience, I’ve got you covered. Shoot me a message and we’ll get started.

$150 per hour

$50 blogs

Need a professional-grade blog at a bargain price? My $50 Blogs service is just the ticket. The service is beginner friendly and features a 72-hour setup, free training videos, and add-ons galore. Get all the details over at my $50 Blogs site, or check out the portfolio to see other blogs I’ve created with this service.


Jen Gresham

“Niall Doherty has all the qualities you’d expect in a top-notch designer: good at clarifying requirements, reliable, and provides quick turn around. But there are two traits that really make him stand out. The first is his integrity. With other contractors who charge by the hour, I have found myself bewildered by how they spent their time. Niall, on the other hand, works with complete transparency. If you run an online business and need someone to help you with the financial back-end (as I do), you won’t find anyone on the net more trustworthy. The second is that Niall is a dogged problem solver. My business keeps me busy, so it’s vital I hire people who make my life easier, not harder. When I wanted to switch to Office Auto Pilot, we ran into snags regarding the compatibility of some of the plug-ins I was already using. Niall chased each and every one of them down and laid out a plan for resolving them–all within a couple of weeks. I wish everyone I hired had his work ethic. Niall is one of the best people I’ve worked with in ANY industry. Hire him.” - Jen Gresham, No Regrets Career Academy

“I’ve worked with Niall on a number of projects now and keep coming back to him for any work I need done. Niall is affordable, knowledgeable and really easy to work with. So glad to have found him and would recommend him to anyone in an instant!” - Emmett Cooke, Soundtrack.ie

Emmett Cooke
Vicky Darden

“If you are like me, looking for web design services can be a daunting process. You need someone with a vision and an eye for detail. I have been following Niall for quite some time and enjoy his site. I needed a new site setup, decided to contact him and do my best to describe what I wanted. I got exactly what I wanted and more. He nailed the design and all the details. He created a screencast that I can refer to at any time when I forget the answers to all those questions I asked. He finished the work in less time than I had imagined and was great to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone without hesitation and I would use him for any future projects.” - Vicky Darden, Creative Vocals

“Without Niall, I wouldn’t have been able to add a lot of features I wanted for my blog. He also taught me a lot of technical things and his awesome screencast videos were very helpful. Most importantly, he helped recover my blog when it crashed. He certainly is the best web design guy I know, and with an adventurous soul! Thank you so much, Niall.” - Tammy Lau, Edgymix

Tammy Lau
Ann Soderblom

“Working with Niall is always a pleasure and I trust all my web development projects with him. He is responsible, timely, accurate and just fun to work with. He also takes the time to explain things in a simple way for non-technical people. I highly recommend his web design services!” - Ann Söderblom, Söderblom Design

“Niall, Your assistance in improving my web-site/blog was fantastic. I say that because not only did you do what you promised, but you gave me insight into how the workings of a web-site/blog work. I can also say that your work was done in a timely manner and the transition from what I had to the new version was glitch free. Again, my sincere thanks.” - Tim Gibney, The Resilience Doctor

Tim Gibney

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