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Momentos: August 16th – August 31st, 2014


Green lights all night. She invited me out, been making comments about the aphrodisiacal powers of peanuts, asking what part of town I live in. But I’m rusty. Momentum is massive in matters like this, and I’ve got little.

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My Most Vulnerable Interview Yet: The Art of Charm Podcast


A quick heads up on an interview I recently recorded with one of the biggest podcasts online. The Art of Charm is the #1 rated podcast in the self-help category in iTunes, and on the episode just released you’ll hear me talk about the following…

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Two Tales of Commerce


Pretty much every afternoon here in Cusco I walk down to el Mercado Central de San Pedro, a big covered market right in the center of town. It’s about what you’d expect a traditional South American market to be like.